Plastic Molding Gives an Indication of the Technological Capabilities in Countries


Plastics are synthetically produced compounds, unlike metallic ones that are formed from metals that have been refined from ores. Plastics are made from oil or natural gas, though some plastics may have plant as feed stocks. Most plastic is made from naphtha, which is a byproduct of the oil refining process. Plastic can be molded into various forms and then hardened so that it can be commercially used.

Most plastic products are manufactured through the use of plastic molding equipment that allows the plastic to be given the desired shape. You will find plastic being used for jars, caps, tubes, bottles, toys, kitchen utensils and as whole lot of other products, where they may see use as accessories. The process of plastic molding involves the insertion of molten plastic into molds. The plastic is then allowed to cool, and then removed from the mold for any finishing activities, if needed.


The plastic molding process can be used to form many different types of products. Injection molding forces molten plastic into the cavity of a mold, and allows for the formation of very intricate shapes. It is a very useful process for mass production of items. Another process for plastic molding is blow molding, where the molten plastic pours into a molten tube, around which the mold closes to ensure that plastic gets the shape of the mold. Presses are used to convert hard plastic into the required shapes, which are then air cooled. Films can also be inserted to form an image in molded plastic. Gas injection techniques are used to create parts with hollow interiors.

In other types of molding, hollow molds are packed with powdered plastic which are then conveyed to a furnace. The molds are slowly rotated and then cooled. Other forms of molding are the structural foam and thermoforming types.

Plastic molding is a highly technical process and needs a lot of expertise to ensure that the finished products are of the required quality. Developments are continuously taking place and have been improved upon since the wide use of plastics started over half a century ago.

Molding plastics has been considered an important step in the manufacturing capabilities of countries, and its level of sophistication is a pointer to the technical prowess available. There are molding companies that can help you if you want have the best molded product. Processes are constantly being improved upon, so that quality improves, production costs reduce, and more efficiency is introduced into the molding process.