Planning An Evening Wedding Outdoors


Having your wedding in the evening can be a romantic and daring choice, especially if you are planning to have it outdoors. There is something very majestic and alluring about a sunset just before saying your wedding vows, but it can also present a whole new set of issues to contend with that aren’t normally necessary when planning a daytime or indoor wedding. Everything from the weather outside to the exact location that you are hoping to host your ceremony can impact what you need to plan for, so having all the details worked out ahead of time is very important. With some careful planning and attention to detail, you can have a very romantic evening wedding outdoors without a hitch.


Lighting is important for any wedding ceremony, but it is particularly important for an outdoor wedding in the evening. You may have enough light when you start the ceremony because most couples try to time their vows for around sunset, but you will quickly lose light as soon as the wedding is coming to a close. You may want to consider lighting such as citronella torches that will light up the area in a decorative way while also repelling insects and possibly a bonfire for guests to gather around and provide more light. You can optionally use regular lighting outdoors, but this won’t be as decorative and blend into the romantic nature of your wedding.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors can also be difficult to choose for an evening wedding because they need to be seen to be enjoyed. Once it gets dark outside, wedding sparklers are cool because they are very fun and can be easily seen in the pitch black night. Another popular choice is to release Chinese lanterns into the sky which are also very easy to enjoy in low light situations. Whatever wedding favors you choose, make sure they can be enjoyed at night.


Weather can play a very large role in your outdoor wedding and it can be even trickier when you’re having it at night. The biggest threat with nighttime weather is that you won’t be able to see the storm clouds rolling in with your eyes. Fortunately, most people have a smartphone and can install a weather app to monitor the radar and inform everyone if there is a storm front moving in. It is a good idea to delegate someone for this job, as well as have a contingency plan incase everyone needs to take shelter.

Reception Entertainment

Traditionally, most couples will hire either a DJ or a band to play their reception so the guests can mingle and spend time dancing for their entertainment. This may be an option if you are in an area that isn’t too populated, but many outdoor wedding venues will have residential areas nearby that won’t appreciate a loud DJ or band after a certain time of night. If you are planning to have music at your evening wedding reception, you should have it get started as soon as the ceremony is over. You should also consider additional activities for later in the evening such as roast marshmallows around the campfire or something else that is quiet and won’t disturb neighboring residents.