New To The World Of E-cigarettes Here Is What You Should Know

New To The World Of E-cigarettes? Here Is What You Should Know


If you want to reduce your use of regular cigarettes, then you can find a whole new way to do so by opting to vape. However, some e-cigarette smokers complain that the e-cigarette can be puff-resistant. If you regularly draw on real cigarettes, you will note a difference if you try to draw on an e-cig. With an e-cigarette device, you have to pull significantly harder in order to gain the satisfying “cigarette” experience. However, vapers are willing to put up with this inconvenience because they are avoiding the dangers of tobacco.

Why the Soft Cartomiser Is Different

Fortunately, today a soft cartomiser offers the answer to the vaper’s dilemma.  You can draw on the device with much less effort. Therefore, you need not pull hard on the device. Instead, the soft cartomiser allows you to draw as you would on a regular tobacco cigarette. The device also produces a thicker vapour, which gratifies both your vision and perception.

If you have not tried a soft cartomiser or any e-cigarette before, the soft cartomiser may be the device for you. The device replicates traditional smoking more than other e-cig devices. Find out more about the various kinds of e-cigs offered by visiting online sites such as

A Major Savings

Besides a more enjoyable vaping experience, a soft cartomiser actually lasts for a longer duration and costs less than traditional cartomisers. Therefore, you can also save much more money by using this type of e-cig product. Not only will you pay less for e-cigs, you will purchase less of them too.

Probably the most exciting factor about the soft cartomiser product is its name. The “soft” references the soft and spongy material that is wrapped around the tube of the device. By using this material, users feel more like they are actually smoking a tobacco cigarette. Some people, when they make the switch to the e-cig, feel like they are smoking a thin piece of pipe or tubing. Nothing is soft and natural about the feel. However, using the soft cartomiser takes care of this issue as it feels like the real thing.

A Positive Experience

Needless to say, making an adjustment from a regular cigarette to an e-cigarette can be a challenge. However, if you use a soft cartomiser, you can feel a little bit more self-assured about making the switch. If you like the taste of tobacco and nicotine, you can also choose a cartomiser that can meet these requirements. That way, the switch will be a positive experience – one that is both healthy and financially more affordable.

The authentic feel and looks of a soft cartomiser make you almost feel like you never switched from smoking tobacco products. The heating element on this kind of device is unique, as well, as it must be primed or warmed to produce the e-cig “smoke.” Take about five smooth, long draws of the cartomiser. Whilst doing so, you may hear a bit of bubbling (this is perfectly normal). Repeat this step until the vapour emerges. Then draw as you regularly would – smoothly and not forcefully.