5 Places Freelancers Can Work To Maximise Productivity


Having been a full-time freelancer for well over a year now, I’m fully aware of some of the traps people can fall into when it comes to working remotely. Don’t get me wrong – the freedom of working from the comfort of your own home can be amazing, and it often brings on a lot of jealousy when you mention your workplace to people. However, many freelancers will agree with me in saying that there are a few pitfalls that can bring your productivity right down.

For instance, if you are working from home, you’re more susceptible to staying up late and not getting a proper night’s sleep. There’s then always the temptation of sleeping in or having a nap half-way through the work day. There’s also the TV, and being able to curb the urge to carry on catching up Game of Thrones instead of trying to hit a deadline.

It’s all about self-discipline, and without it, you’ll struggle to make the most of the amazing opportunities being a freelancer offers you.

Working from home can be great, especially if you have a delivery, a doctor’s appointment or have to let someone in to fix your boiler, but we freelancers have the chance work in different environments from time to time. Here are a few places where you can work to mix it up a bit and make sure you’re being as productive as possible.

Local Library

Most people don’t seem too impressed when I tell them I’m working from a library, but it’s a great environment for getting work done. Being around other people working is good motivation, and with the strict noise rules, you won’t have many distractions. Having access to printers, scanners and photocopiers is an added bonus, as well as being able to grab a book to read during a break.

To check where your local library is along with its opening times, enter your postcode on this page.

Shared Office Space

Thanks to businesses such as FreeOfficeFinder and WeWork, you can now rent office space as an individual. Although most of these spaces are available in London, more and more are becoming available around the country. Prices range from around £250 a month for hot desking to over £1,000 a month for your own private office, and can offer huge benefits to freelancers and small businesses.

Although in a library most people are working hard, a lot of them are students who are studying or doing their coursework. In a shared office environment, everyone is in the same boat as you. Not only is being around like-minded individuals good for motivation, but you can also network and hopefully make a friend or two.

There are usually perks that come with shared office space, including bright offices designed to inspire productivity.

5 Places Freelancers Can Work To Maximise Productivity

A lot of WeWork offices have added extras including social activities that can make it feel like a community and not so much a work place.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a centre of inspiration for some freelancers. Places like Starbucks, with coffee on tap, serve as a great place to stimulate the mind and get work done. In places like this, you tend to have to make a purchase if you plan on working there throughout the day, but for some, it’s worth it.

Google Campus (free, London only)

Google has set up the Google Campus for entrepreneurs in cities around the world. Unfortunately, there’s currently only a GC in London in the UK, but hopefully this will change in the future.

Although you have the option to rent workspace and space for conferences, you can sign up and work in the Campus Café free of charge. As there are thousands of marketers out there on PPH, being able to meet and network with start-ups and entrepreneurs is a fantastic opportunity to gain new business.


I wouldn’t recommend visiting the pub every day if you plan to be successful, but on a Friday afternoon if you’ve still got a little bit of work left and you feel like winding down a little, it’s always nice to finish off the week in more comfortable surroundings.

Although being in a pub means you won’t be surrounded by people who are working (apart from the people behind the bar), you get to show off how good you are in front of your mates. What can be more motivating than that?

For more ideas on locations where you can freelance, you can visit Workfrom, which is a database full of places that welcome freelancers all around the world.

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