Needing A Locksmith? Be Sure They Can Handle uPVC Work!


Unfortunately, the times when you need to call a locksmith are times of some sort of emergency. Perhaps you’ve locked ourselves out and the only spare key is in the house or perhaps you’ve been unfortunate enough to have had your home broken into. Either way, it’s not usually the case that you want to call out a locksmith, rather than you need to call out a locksmith. One thing you must be aware of, however, is the fact that a number of locksmiths still aren’t qualified and, as such, able to carry out repairs and replacement work on uPVC doors, despite these now being the most popular fitting in UK homes, a leading locksmith training course provider, MPL, have outlined.

Many Locksmith’s Can’t Repair uPVC

MPL run a range of locksmith courses and their specialist uPVC course page on their website states, ‘Do you find that you are having to turn down uPVC work because you’re not sure how to tackle the job?’ This is a reality for many locksmiths and over the past few years, many have been topping up their skills and expanding their offerings to include uPVC work. Unfortunately for some, however, many haven’t and are still having to turn down this work. With the majority of doors and windows in the UK now of this type, we’re encouraging the public to double check whether or not their chosen locksmith can handle their repair before making the call. After all, in an emergency the last thing you want is for a  job not to be able to be completed.

Ask The Right Questions

It’s really a case of ensuring that, if there does come a need for you to call a locksmith and you have a uPVC door, you ask the simple question at the start of the call to make sure they can carry out the repairs needed. Whilst locksmiths are slowly retraining and expanding their skill sets to cover uPVC work, there’s still many who have yet to do this and until they do, they’ll continue to have to turn down work.

Don’t be caught out in an emergency. Do your research (even if that needs to be done quickly) in the case of needing a locksmith and you’ll make a far better decision on who to call and who to pass on. It can be a stressful time knowing you urgently need a lock replacing to ensure your home is safe and secure and, as such, you need to know you’re leaving the job in safe hands. The last thing you want is to be told that a job can’t be carried out due to the lack of up to date skills from the locksmith you call so don’t put yourself in that position. Do your research and know the questions to ask to ensure you get the work needed carried out without any hassle, as quickly as possible. uPVC doors are now the most popular fitting in UK homes and, as such, there will come a time over the coming years where locksmiths simply have no choice other than to train in uPVC or face having no work coming in.