Marlboro Pest Control Experts


The vast, empty land in Marlboro is a dream for many pest control experts in New Jersey. If you are interested in learning about bugs and other pests Marlboro is a great place to jump in head first. Marlboros scenery is a great way to adventure and learn about the different species that occupy the land.

What to look for  

When you want to learn about pests there are some different areas that you can pay special attention to that will teach you about bugs, insects, and rodents. Paying attention to the bugs that surround you is one of the most simple ways to learn more about bugs in general. Opening your eyes to the small creatures that are around you everyday is an easy way to ‘catch the bug’ for learning about pests.

Some areas that you should consider paying special attention to when you are out and about include:

  • Grassy areas
  • Trees
  • Dry dirt
  • Humps in dirt
  • Gardens
  • Deserts

If you can pay attention to these different locations and take the extra time to look around when you are near them you will notice many species of pests.

Grassy Areas

Spending time combing through grass will surprise you. There are many bugs that live inside of grass that you do not realize. Getting down to the roots of each stem of grass will make many bugs appear. Spend time studying their bodies and traits. Once you have a solid amount of information that you have gathered visually you should turn to the internet to learn more about bugs that spend time inside of grassy areas.


The bark that is on trees is a great habitat for many pest species. Spend time studying the bark on trees to learn more about different pest species. In fact, you should even try and pull back bark on different types of trees and see which pests prefer certain types of trees.


You may not have put a lot of thought into the number of pests that live in the dry dirt. Dirt is a great place for bugs as well as rodents. If you spend time calmly going through dry dirt in the desert you will likely uncover many bugs and rodents that you didn’t realize were living near.

There are many small things that you can do to learn about pests in your community, specifically Marlboro New Jersey. Start in your yard and make your way to different locations to learn visually and then turn to the internet to gather more specific information and expand your knowledge base.