Know These 5 Safety Tips While Choosing A Canadian Pharmacy Online


Gone are the days when we always had to queue up before drug stores to get our pills. Thanks to internet, today Canadian pharmacies are just a click away. You can order almost any medicine without wasting time at queues and that too from the comfort of your home. But there is a catch. Rogue pharmacies are not uncommon online. Since we can’t see them physically, it’s harder to detect them. But then, on second thought, you can easily gauge the credibility quotient of an online pharmacy if you are particular about certain points.

Here are the 5 safety tips to follow to land up with a reliable Canadian pharmacy over the web.

The pharmacy should be licensed

The moment you visit an online Canadian pharmacy, check for its license. A reliable pharmacy will always list its license on the website to ensure its credibility to visitors. If you can’t see any verifiable seal of license on the website, you better look elsewhere. Moreover, a properly licensed Canadian pharmacy must always be listed on CIPA’s website. A CIPA accredited site signifies 100% adherence to pharmacy regulations as stated by the Canadian government. Thus, it’s also a good idea to check your chosen drug site’s listing on CIPA platform before you proceed further.

Does it ask for prescriptions?

Leading online pharmacies are accountable to the health of their shoppers. Thus, they make sure to ask for prescriptions whenever the order is placed. Moreover, the pharmacy should also take the time to undergo a thorough verification of the prescription. Beware of those online drug sites that don’t ask for prescriptions when you place an order with them.

A verifiable brick & mortar location

This is one of the most important tips that differentiate between a trusted and rogue online pharmacy. Trusted online pharmacies always carry a physical location and provide the address on the website only. If the physical location is close by, it’s good to check out the brick & mortar store personally. Do not trust an online pharmacy which cannot provide you a physical address.

An authentic phone number

The best online pharmacies in Canada always post a valid phone number on their websites. A consumer might have queries about certain medicines or delivery. Thus the reliable agencies always provide an emergency phone number where shoppers can directly talk to expert pharmacies to clear doubts. It’s good if your chosen store offers a phone number on its site. Make a call on that number to verify whether the number actually exists or not. Also see who picks up the phone. Is it a machine on the other end or a proper human?  It’s better to avoid the site if a machine responds to your call on the other end.

Advanced encryption of shoppers’ data

A trusted online pharmacy takes shoppers’ privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Thus, a credible store always assures advanced encryption for the client’s financial and personal data.