Marketing Is Far From A Game

Marketing Is Far From A Game


There’s great fun to be had from a game of hide-and-seek but not when you’re trying to market your business – unless you’re a record breaker, of course.

At the start of 2014, 1,437 people from Chengdu Sky Sports Culture Communication Co Ltd and Long Yang Chengdu Textile City took part in the world’s largest ever game of hide-and-seek. This was good for their companies – they got themselves a Guinness World Records title and plenty of free publicity – but while you might enjoy reading about their achievements at, their example is unlikely to be one to follow when it comes to promoting your own business. ‘Hiding’ from potential customers through a lack of an effective online presence is a recipe for disaster in the digital age. Would-be customers don’t want to ‘seek’ you out, they want convenience and speed, and if you’re not getting your products and services into their worlds effectively enough, your business is going to miss out.

Success or Failure in the Sweep of a Screen

Digital marketing and the creation of a strong online presence is no longer a luxury, it is vital for businesses to grow and succeed. Gone are the days when potential clients thumbed through a paper copy of the Yellow Pages to find a bathroom stockist, builder or financial adviser. The difference between profits and financial failure can be made with the click of a button. As a recent article from Forbes highlights at, the lack of a comprehensive digital campaign can lead to missed revenue generating opportunities, a lack of brand visibility and a failure to acquire new clients. In short, it’s bad for business.

A Lack of Know-how is no Excuse

An effective digital strategy should include a variety of elements, including organic search, mobile considerations, lead nurturing, content marketing and social media marketing. The major problem for many business owners, especially those who have not grown up in the same sort of technological world, is that this sort of guidance might as well be written in invisible ink. The basic knowledge is not there, even if there is an understanding of the importance. It is for this reason that more and more owners are turning to digital marketing companies such as in a bid to obtain the vital business edge that they need or, at the very least, to keep up with the pack. Even the more sceptical of company bosses are grasping the fact that the ROI of such a move is not just likely to be beneficial to business, it is essential.

The sooner more business owners fully understand the implications of not having the broad, all-encompassing digital presence that is needed to maximise potential, the faster they can begin to reap the rewards of addressing significant online gaps. A game of hide and seek may be fun for some, but not when it comes to being able to expand your company, or even to pay your staff. Seeking out solutions to increase online impact can certainly prevent you from having to hide your face in shame.