Makeover Of The PLOOM Pax With Its Latest Model


Few years back, a company named PLOOM released a product to break our health problems. The heating of the product inside the device was the basic logic behind the production of the device. But, with the development in the industry, it continued with the developments and tried for the perfect device that cannot make any user complaint for any of its part and efficiency. With the rear efforts and shear of technology, PAX came in to the market and now, the latest model of the company is PAX 2 that has broken all the records of the vaporizer industry till now. The appreciation and result the latest model got for its characteristics are unbelievable. The PAX 2 vaporizer has come up with advanced and better results as compared to the base model released. With the production of the base model, the company came across fewer suggestions from its users and implemented the apt one in the newer version of the PAX vaporizer.

The heating elements of the device is made up of non ceramic thin film with a lithium ion battery that heats up the herbs present inside the device and one can vary the temperature as per their requirement. While, the heating capacity of the device is so intense that I can heat up the product and get it ready to inhale in just 30 seconds only and the ready to go state is indicated by the green light on the device. Every state is being affirmed to the user with the different colors of light embedded on it. The LED light alerts you with the specific state of the device. When the device is in no use, the device gets cooled up automatically and the battery life is optimized for its more durability and longevity. The smart device bakes the herbs and other chemicals available evenly throughout and the same flavor is being tasted every time the user inhales it.

The easy to use device is embedded with three stages only i.e. to load the device, heat the oven and inhale it on the green light. It has the lip sensing technology that makes the device heat the herb up to the optimum and required temperature and does not make the herb taste nasty and weird while you get it in to your mouth. The easy to fit in device in your pocket has been made much sleek and slimmer as compared to the previous versions. The beautiful design of the device also lures the people towards it and it is very easy to handle and use. If you can carry your smart phones, then you can easily carry the vape device along with you as the weight of the PAX 2 vaporizer is lesser than that of the smart phone.

The magical and customer demanded device is equipped with much more features that gives the user a refined and pure essence and flavor of the herb for their better health and thus, better future. The combustion element does not destroy the herb or emit any kind of smoke while the heating. With a single click, get the herb of you health and relief yourself without much hassle.