Main Characteristics Of A Good Writer


People must know that good writing is more than just proper writing. A good writer does not only write with the right punctuation marks, grammars and spelling. Instead, a good writer writes content with data and sense.  He or she has a clear and catchy introduction in order for the readers to continue and finish reading his or her work.

Being a good writer is a talent which stands out from the rest of professions out there. There are several and definite characteristics that writers have, making them unique and extraordinary from anyone else.   Do you wonder what are they? Well, here are some of the great characteristics that good writers have:

  1. Can Size up Content. A good writer can initially scan a letter and immediately determine some specific problems.  Then, he/she articulates the solution to these problems.  He/she can pinpoint the failure of a story after reading it and demonstrates the reason behind the failure.  For example, a courier company such as provided a letter to their president, stating a problem with regard to their sales. In this matter, a good writer can instantly make the letter shorter mentioning everything that the president needs to know.  Additionally, he/she assess a speech and provide assistance on how to develop a lecture with a bang at the opening and closing.
  2. Can Bond Dots. Another characteristic of a good writer is that he/she can envision sorts of ideas. Subconsciously, he/she can write stories through imagination. It only takes a matter of time before he/she can build another story to tell to everyone.  From a single idea, all lights pop out and he/she connects now all the things in the story.  A good writer brings characters in real life, can tap emotions to readers and effectively close a story.
  3. Can Vividly Express Ideas.  Being expressive in writing and speaking are two different things.  Some people are good at public
    speaking but are not good in expressing themselves through writing.  Meanwhile, there are some who are good in writing but cannot utter a word in public. Luckily, good writers are excellent at both aspects. Speaking and writing are their tools to let out their ideas, emotions and opinions.  One day of sitting down has given them enough time to express everything they want to say, with the right feelings, images and thoughts. In public speaking, they are very good in flirting and persuading with anyone.
  4. Can Write in their Heads. For those people who are not blessed to be good writers, it is hard for them to think of a plot in their heads. They still need a pen to jot down and remember everything. But in the case of good writers, they can build stories within their minds. They only jot down things, usually after finishing the whole story inside their head.
  5. Deep Readers.  A good writer has so much information in stored in the head. However, it does not become overload.  Furthermore, writers even want to always add up something and dig deeper on the extent of their knowledge on general things. Do you know why they do this? It is because, with these accumulated things, they become familiar with everything. They turn to be knowledgeable of what people in general like and dislike. From the simplest to the most complicated things, they want to dig deeper. For instance, through constant reading, they get an idea about the most common things associated with parcel delivery to Germany.  This is how broad the knowledge of writers is.