Looking For An Alternative To Unistrut?


Unistrut is a brand name for a range of channel support systems and light structural support systems which are commonly used to support wiring, plumbing or a host of installation applications such as air conditioning systems. If you’re not familiar with what this fantastic range of products has to offer, you need to be! In short, Unistrut offers a fantastic solution for both temporary and permeant structures and can provide a fantastic alternative to traditional construction methods, saving both time and money in many instances.

Of course, one of the common things associated with Unistrut, however, is that, despite it being a brand term for a range of support systems, it’s most often used to describe all similar products. Much in the same way as vacuum cleaners are often referred to as ‘hoovers’ it’s often the case that alternative channel support systems are referred to as Unistrut. This, to many, means that they simply assume that Unistrut are the only manufacturers of such products and that there’s very little in the way of an alternative on the market.

As with all products, however, there is always alternatives to offer a similar solution at a different price point or with a different range of fittings and fixings and one of the most comprehensive ranges which we’ve come across can be seen here from Orbital Fasteners. The range you’ll see is fully compatible with all Unistrut fittings and offers both full support systems and struts, cantilever arms, cable trays, saddle clamps, pipe clamps and more. Whether you’re looking for a full alternative solution or for fittings and fixings, you’ll be pleased to know that there are alternatives other than Unistrut, however that those available are fully compatible with all existing Unistrut systems.

Above all, Unistrut and associated systems offer a fantastic solution in a whole host of applications and, as far as we’re concerned, there’s a wide range of uses which can be expanded upon. No longer do you need to consider traditional construction methods for light support systems when Unistrut offers a solution which is both quicker to put together and generally cheaper!