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What is a Lift Chair?

Lift chair is a special type of chair, which is especially designed for seniors and disabled people and for their comfort. The chair gradually lifts up a person in a standing position and also gradually descends a person in a sitting position. This chair is designed in way that the person sitting on the chair would not have to exert too much pressure while getting up or sitting on it.

These chairs usually work with the help of electricity. They are plugged to the wall. They also have a battery backup in case of power loss. Lift chair is the best possible solution for people who cannot move on their own and need assistance every time they want to get up or sit down. These chairs are available in many shapes and sizes. They are designed to match up to your home décor without making them look too big and different. You can choose from different designs and fabrics.

There are many features of the lift chair, which can amaze you, but some of them are mentioned below –

  • Built in motor –

Lift chairs have built in motors, which enables the chair to change positions accordingly. Mostly lift chairs have 2 positions – sitting down and upright. These chairs can tolerate weight up to 375 pounds, for heavier weights special chairs are to be custom made. Many more upgraded versions are been introduced in the market called as multi position chairs. These chairs have an additional position known as napping position where the chair reclines fully enabling the individual to lie down or sleep.

  • Wall huggers –

Wall huggers are also a type of lift chairs. These chairs are placed very close to the wall while the chair is completely reclined. They are a great option with places with limited spacing.

  • Designing –

Many of these lift chairs are designed exactly like normal chairs. They blend well in your home décor. They are available in many colors and types of fabrics like leather, vinyl etc. some of these lift chairs have extra options of massaging and heating. Pricing of these chairs depend upon the quality of the chair and additional options. Basically their price ranges from $400 to $7000.

  • Zero gravity option –

The zero gravity position is the best way to get relief from neck and back pain. In this reclining position the legs of the individual is raised above the heart, this helps to keep your spine and back in correct position. One of the most important things about zero gravity position is that it keeps your spine in neutral position. It helps in reducing tension from the lower back and eliminates disc compression. It also helps the lung capacity of the individual due to the position of the legs.

Lift chairs are very comfortable and a great help for your loved ones. Search online for pride lift chairs for sale and get best possible pricing for these chairs. Keep your loved ones happy and comfortable.