Learn App Store Optimization With Mobile Action ASO Guide

Learn App Store Optimization With Mobile Action ASO Guide


Mobile Action is an app store optimization company that was started in July 2013 by its CEO AykutKaraalioglu, an experienced growth hacker who until then was a freelance consultant despite receiving many job offers from a number of big name companies.

Rather than join an in-house team, he opted to commoditize his knowledge and experience by creating an online dashboard through which businesses in all sectors can benefit from collected intelligence and marketing insights, competitor analysis and other important metric needs to run a successful app marketing campaign. And so Mobile Action was born.

Mobile Action ASO Guide

The ASO Guide is just that: A practical guide into all matters relating to post-developmental app launch, marketing and continuous monitoring. There are several steps involved in ASO, and this guide provides a useful manual for both in-house business teams and individual app owners on how best to present their apps in order to secure the highest visibility.

Did you know that both Google Play Store and Apple App Store have more than 2 million apps fighting for the same top spots? Creating a great app is merely the first step in getting your business and products in consumers’ devices. The next and most crucial step is how you intend to bring the great app before consumers. And that’s why you need to learn ASO.

ASO Guide Contents

The first step to successful ASO is conducting comprehensive keyword research. This helps you to determine what your users are searching for and find out how much competition each search term has. This information will be crucial to your app marketing strategy. Relating to this, the ASO Guide offers the following details:

  • How to identify which keywords you should be tracking
  • How to optimize your selected keywords
  • Where and how to place your keywords within content – titles, descriptions, etc.
  • Select the best name for your app come up with an interesting, catchy and effective app
  • Description optimize your non-textual content i.e. preview videos, screenshots, icons
  • Localize your app if your app is intended for specific locations

Once you have identified your keywords, you need to find out how best to use those keywords and other strategies to bring your app to the top of the search list within your niche. Using this guide, you can learn how to:

The ASO Guide provides time-tested tips and information applied by the experts at MobileAction themselves to get clients’ apps to the top.

Learn More About App Marketing

The online and mobile marketing arena is always growing and changing. With advances in technology, new devices come into the market, and consumers want change accordingly. Therefore, it’s important to remain informed about the latest ASO trends. You can do this by staying connected to the Mobile Action blog.

The blog covers various topics that can help you leverage your app to gain maximum ROI from the app and for your business as a whole. These include emerging trends in app marketing as well as differences between ASO on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, among others. You can also subscribe to a free newsletter to receive the latest updates conveniently in your mailbox.

Creating great apps is good, but knowing how to get and keep them before your audience is even better. Learn ASO and improve your business today.