Know Your Naija – 10 Nigerian Musicians To Watch Out For


Past –

The music of Nigeria has always attracted people from all over the world. The Nigerian music includes many kinds like popular music and folk music too. The styles of folk music are generally related to the ethnic groups of the country. Each folk song has its own technique, songs and instruments, which make them unique and one of a kind. The largest ethnic groups of Nigeria include lgbo, Yoruba and Hausa.

Most of the ethnic songs or the folk songs from Nigeria or from other parts of Africa are most commonly performed for a ritual or a function such as wedding and funeral. They are never sung just for entertainment or artistic purpose. There are some Nigerians especially old people and children, who play instruments for their own entertainment, but otherwise solo performances are a rare vision in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

Music in Nigeria is very closely related to the agriculture in that area. Therefore, playing of songs and instruments has their own timings and season. Some of the instruments are restricted to played in growing season. Work song is one of the common types of traditional music in Nigeria. It helps to keep the workers in the field, river canoes and other fields in rhythm and work together for full efficiency.

Women who work at home also use music as a motivation or rhythm to work with. They generally use complex rhythms like high oriented music to pounding yams. In some of the northern regions of Africa the farmers offer to work on each other’s field and the host has to offer music for their neighbours to get the work done.

Present and Future of Nigerian Music –

Today, in this generation many Nigerian singers have emerged to be very successful and popular around the world. When it comes to Nigerian music many of the artists are known for their unique style of music and composition. D’banj is the most popular artist in the Nigerian music industry.

Presently D’banj is singed in for kanye’s west G.O.O.D MUSIC. D’banj is believed to be the favourite artist to bring out new Nigerian music. He is world famous and has fans from all over the world. You can check out and download latest Naija mp3 music from any online music downloading website.

Few other very good music artists are mentioned below:-

  • P-square
  • 2face
  • Wizkid
  • Ice prince
  • Sasha p
  • Banky w
  • Tiwa savage
  • Mo’cheddah
  • Brymo

All the above listed artists have their own style and type of music what they deal with. Many artists have come up to the Nigerian entertainment industry and made a mark of their own. Because of social democracy over the internet, people are able to public themselves and present their talents to the general public. Nigerian music is not only loved and appreciated in Nigeria but all over the world now. You can also enjoy the music from any online music downloading sites for free.