Joliet Drug Court Producing Positive Results For Addicts and The Community In General

Joliet Drug Court: Producing Positive Results For Addicts and The Community In General


Drug Addiction and Crime: Two Interlinked and Connected Issues in the Nation

For some time now the sad truth has been that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has been tied and interlocked with crime, violence, thefts, and other miscreant activities. In order for this illegal activity to stop, individuals need to be referred to a drug rehab in Joliet since the drug addiction has become such a problem in the Joliet, Illinois area. For example:

There are 1.4 million drunk driving arrests in the United States each and every year, and it sadly estimated that the police only apprehend about forty percent or so of the number of individuals who engage in drunk driving every year too.   As if drunk driving wasn’t enough, to add to it and to exacerbate it a United States’ Department of Justice study found that as many as 40% of violent crimes occur while the perpetrator of such crimes was under the influence of alcohol to some degree.  Essentially, alcohol, when abused intensively, instigates violent crimes and drunk driving both apparently.

In the United States alone, more than thirty-nine percent of all traffic deaths involved alcohol or drugs in the year 2005, and that percentage number has done nothing but go up since that time.  Also in the U.S., roughly fifteen to twenty traffic deaths involved drugs either by themselves or in combination with alcohol to some degree.  Furthermore, about forty percent of all violent crimes are committed with the perpetrator is under the influence of alcohol, and about ten percent of all violent crimes occur under the influence of drugs too.

Drugs and Crime in Joliet: A Harmful but Very Real Truth for Many Who Suffer from an addiction Nightmare

Sadly, drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general has made a pretty serious and significant impact on the youths of the Chicago area.  It has also made a big impact on increased crime rates with this demographic and with other demographics too.  The result has been more and more crimes occurring every year in the greater Chicago area, and Joliet is no different.

In Joliet, the city’s drug court program is now effectively working to slow down and even stop substance abuse entirely but pushing more for a drug rehab Joliet and less of imprisonment.  Truthfully speaking, with this substance addiction Joliet center, it is hoped that those adducted will actually have a good experience through Joliet’s drug court program.  If these plans are followed expertly and successfully then it is thought that they will.

These plans and activities have already begun to show some serious successes when it comes to addressing addicts who are also in legal trouble.  With help like this Joliet’s youth drug problem has already begun to relax and go down, and if other areas surrounding Joliet do the same thing then they will experience similar results.