Darjeeling, A Small Town Studded With Little Bazaars, Lovely Villas, Forests


Prominently identified as the “Queen of the Hills”, Darjeeling is the prime gem in the crown of the West Bengal and an immaculate destination for honeymooners, trekkers, adventurers, and others. The newly weds see the hill town with great reverence considering it is a perfect escapade for couples who need seclusion, privacy, and would prefer not to bump with the other travelers in the vacation, which is generally seen in many popular destinations. Avail one of the lucrative Darjeeling tour packages and get ready to be stunned by the splendour of nature.

Darjeeling, a small town in West Bengal, is a heaven for the honeymooners. Many relate Darjeeling to a place where there is natural magnificence everywhere, with pleasant tea ranches and magnificent Himalayas simply making the natural setting merrier. It lies in the Himalayas, about 2123 m height from the sea level. It might be good to search and avail one of the good Darjeeling tour packages of you have an upcoming Darjeeling vacation.

Darjeeling is acclaimed throughout the globe for its tea and large tea estates. The mighty Kanchenjunga casts its shadow upon the town making up for excellent opportunities for the photographers to click some pictures. Studded with colorful little bazaars, woodlands, exquisite manors and patio nurseries the beauty of the town is otherworldly. Darjeeling additionally brags of the quaintest Toy Train, which was an endeavor of the British amid their rule in India. Presently the Himalayan Railways operates and maintains the train, and additionally, it is one amongst the league of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Darjeeling on a sunny day is just amazing. The clear perspective of the third highest and mightiest mountains – Kanchenjunga and its snow capped summits with the glittering sunlight and stark blue sky together renders the creativity of nature and simply takes the heart away of the onlookers. Interesting it is one can also see The Everest – world’s highest peak playing hide and seek in the background.

For individuals who are frenzy about shopping, Darjeeling no less than a heaven, and although the markets are small yet one can find almost everything and anything under the sun. Same goes for the connoisseurs of food. Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese, one can get all styles of cooking here.

Some popular tourist attractions:

Batasia Loop:

This one simply tops the list. A remarkable and wonderful feat of railway architecture of the 19th century, the Batasia Loop gives a delightful perspective of the “toy” train and the Darjeeling town. The heritage train winds its way around the loop and many come here just to see it.

Happy Valley Tea Estate:

One of the closest tea gardens from town of Darjeeling, here one can see the how the world-renowned tea from Darjeeling is made; literally the entire process.


One can call it a small sister town of Darjeeling and is set at 2247 m height from ocean level, which is also widely known for the wonderful monastery and the world’s highest railway station. The small religious town houses numerous extremely valuable Buddhist scriptures and a stunning statue of the “coming” Buddha.

Natural History Museum:

Situated just a few minutes distance from the prominent Darjeeling Mail, this museum contains an intriguing and thorough collection of various kinds of birds, butterflies, fishes, reptiles, and animals of the region.

Lebong Race Courses:

It is one of the smallest race courses, however what makes it unique is its high altitude. What’s interesting is that races are held here amid spring and fall seasons.

If you are searching for a good hotel or a Darjeeling tourist lodge, you can easily locate more than one. Plus, the good thing is many of the hotels and lodges also offer travel desk.