Is The Healthcare System Making ER Doctors In Schaumburg Addiction Enablers?

Is The Healthcare System Making ER Doctors In Schaumburg Addiction Enablers?


ER doctors are in a tricky position when it comes to dealing with drug and alcohol addicts who come to them for help and support with their cruel addiction habits and personal issues.  This is a serious issue for them that would land them in an emergency room, but it is also a serious issue for the ER doctors too, as helping them in the best way possible can often be tricky and difficult.  This has been a particularly troubling and difficult issue in the city of Schaumburg and in the greater Chicago area in general, with more and more residents of these areas having to go to the Emergency Room or the Emergency Department every single year. Individuals who are consuming drugs cant just go to the ER for advice, if ever there’s an issue, they can give the drug rehab Schaumburg a call for 24/7 support and advice on a drug or alcohol related issue.

Probably one of the most by far factual and properly representative measurements of the magnitude of the addiction problem in the United States is the number of Emergency Department visits that occur each and every year as a result of substance abuse.  In the year of 2009 for example, there were nearly 4.6 million drug-related Emergency Department visits.  This number in fact has increased three times over form the one and a half million such visits in 2004.

Can ER Doctors Help Battle Addiction?

ER and ED doctors and surgeons struggle quite a bit because they have to help these addicts, but the only true way to help them is to send them to a drug rehabilitation Schaumburg center and such addicts are often not willing to go to such centers and programs.  This makes for a tricky predicament in such hospitals in the Schaumburg area.

There has been a seriously critical and frankly scary increase in the amount of visits to emergency departments as a result of drug use and abuse.  The total and saddening number of drug-related emergency department visits increased by over a staggering eighty-one percent from the year 2004, (roughly two and a half million) to 2009, (almost a whopping five million).

With the increase in ER visits by Schaumburg addicts, the best that doctors can do is to insist that their patients check themselves into rehab centers as soon as is possible, and to in fact immediately refer them to such a center immediately upon discharge from the hospital.  In this way, such addicts will not become regulars at the hospital.

The year of 2009 saw one of the highest ever numbers of drug abuse-caused emergency department visits.  In this year specifically, there were nearly five million drug-related emergency department visits all across the nation.  These visits included reports of drug abuse, adverse reactions to drugs, or other drug-related consequences such as drug abuse caused car accidents or drug induced frenzies that resulted in bodily injury.  Regardless of the situation, the simple fact remains that there were way to many drug-related visits in that year, and in the years before it and after it too.

So in the end, what is an emergency physician to do, who still has the rest of the room full of patients to take care of? ER doctors must do what they can and tell them they will die if they continue on with their abusive habit, and give them the stock printout of support resources that could help them. If a doctor or surgeon or nurse wants to go above and beyond, he or she can send the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed medical student or the bleeding-heart social worker in to give it their best shot also.  Ultimately, such addicts must be convinced that going to a drug rehabilitation Schaumburg is the only solution for them or that they will die.

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