10 Things That Can Take Your Garage Makeover Over The Top


Some people’s garages are a true embarrassment. If your garage is a dank, musty pit filed with more junk than a house on an episode of Hoarders, it’s time for a serious makeover. Ideally, garages should be a neat, utilitarian space to allow you to perform work or store your car. However, you can go even beyond that with a bit of money and a little elbow grease. Below are ten must-haves for a supped up garage.

1. A Fridge

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your garage, you’re going to want a drink and snack once in a while. A fridge can also come in handy for storing brewskies for parties. However, choose a fun looking fridge like the retro designs available from Northstar.

10 Things That Can Take Your Garage Makeover Over The Top

2. A Steel Fortress

Don’t forget to think about the structure of your garage itself. If you wish to construct a garage from the ground up, you should definitely go with sturdy steel. Steel allows for massive garages so well constructed that they’ll still be standing decades after you’re gone. You can, for example, build a single, double or triple steel garage.

10 Things That Can Take Your Garage Makeover Over The Top

3. A Garage Movie Theater

Keep one wall of your garage as a bare white surface. Then at night you can use a projector to watch DVDs and Blu-rays right on your wall. Watch movies in your car to recreate a drive-in movie theater right in your garage.

4. A Massive Tool Cabinet

Obviously, a tool cabinet is a must for any garage. However, why stop at a normal tool cabinet? Invest in a monster sized tool cabinet. You’ll have what you need for nearly any DIY project.

10 Things That Can Take Your Garage Makeover Over The Top

5. A Wall of Tools

However, why stop there? A tool cabinet of course can’t hold every kind of tool like large hand saws for example. So take one wall in your garage and make it into wall of tools by installing a series of racks and hooks to hold everything you need.

6. Great Lighting

You need to have a good lighting system. If you’re working in your garage, you obviously need to see what you’re doing. Combine ambient and direct light for the best result. Add a neon sign for fun.

7. A Rocking Sound System

Being able to listen to your favorite tunes is another garage makeover must. Invest in some high quality speakers and amps to create a luscious soundscape inside your garage. It can also double as the sound system for your projected movies as well.

8. Your Own Private Gym

If you’re a fitness freak, your garage could also double as your own private gym. Purchase a treadmill that can be folded up while not in use. Also get a weight set, a bench press and a punching bag to hang from your ceiling.

9. A Lazy Boy

Want somewhere to chill out on your own and enjoy a stiff drink? Buy a Lazy Boy or other comfy leather recliner and put it in your garage. You may never want to leave.

10. A Steel Kit Home

If you’re building your garage out of steel, why stop there? Steel kit homes have come a long way in recent years in regards to architecture and aesthetics. They are also extremely versatile and able to stand up to all kinds of severe weather.

Overall, create the garage you want. If you’re mainly concerned with tools, fill it up as much as you can with saws, power tools, tool chests and more. If you want an entertainment system, go all out and make your garage into a multimedia Mecca. It’s your garage. Make the space work for you.