Is Social Bookmarking Dead or Replaced by Content Curation?


The process of social bookmarking was first launched in 1996 and this helped the users to add, edit or share the bookmarks of their websites which in turn enhanced the flow of traffic to their website. This process involved the users promoting the content on their web page. This process came into being about 18 years ago and this period has seen a lot of changes in the World Wide Web.

The Social bookmarking process involved adding tags or bookmarks and back links to the website to lead the user to their sites. This was a great process for some time and many people made use of it to gain traffic and benefits from this process. Also the websites conducted surveys for the users and asked them to rate the bookmarks which increased the visibility of the website. But this also gave rise to lot of spams where users used incorrect means to gain higher ranks on the search engine results. This lead to a drastic fall in the rankings of genuine websites which were pushed way low in the search engine listings.

Is Social Bookmarking Dead or Replaced by Content Curation?
An expert at a SEO Company in LA Ventura puts it, “The search engines were quick to realize this spam and sanitized the whole process to make sure that such a thing did not happen again. This has somewhat rendered the social bookmarking process useless or dead and the famous social bookmarking sites like Linkwad, StumbleUpon, Faves, Amplify, Swik, JumpTags, Mixx etc. do not exist anymore.

They are practically dead.”
Instead, the thing that is much in vogue today is content curation, where importance is not on the links and the bookmarks but instead on the content that is written on the website. Content Curation is simple terms means accumulating all the interesting content at one place. The concept of voting and rating which was used in Social Bookmarking has now been replaced by social sharing wherein good quality content is shared by the users.

Most of the popular websites are making use of content curation to get more traffic to their websites. This is a very important part of content marketing and deals with developing unique content that would attract the readers. Content curation is extremely important in SEO matters as creating high quality content is not always possible and content curation helps in filling the gap which is created between development of new content and the promotion of the original content on the website.

Is Social Bookmarking Dead or Replaced by Content Curation?
There are many affordable SEO companies in Los Angeles that help people to curate the content for their websites and they mainly focus on

  • Original and unique content along with the opinion of the web page owners about the content which would help the users to understand the content in a better way.
  • Creating great quality content that would attract more traffic.
  • Adding value by creating information that is relevant to the users.

Content curation is a much easier process than social bookmarking and also more beneficial which is why it slowly replaced social bookmarking in the world of internet and now is being exclusively used to generate more traffic.