Information About RV Title Loans

Information About RV Title Loans


RV is the abbreviation for Recreational Vehicles. It is also a great option to get quick cash in your moment of emergency or financial need. Many people who are not aware that an RV also qualifies for the title loan and of course, the loans for RV are known as RV title loans.

The similarity to other title loans

Well, it should not be surprising that with the RV title loans one can get a significant amount of sum as loan considering the fact that RV is a significant and more expensive vehicle as compared to the other conventional vehicles. In terms of the value, that you can get as a loan with RV title loans is dissimilar to other title loans but in terms of the working and procedure, the RV title loans are quite similar to them.

Some requirements for the RV title loan

As discussed earlier that RV title loans are also quite similar to other title loans, therefore, their conditions are also identical. The following are the requirements, which are required by most of the title loans lenders: (The application can be filled online, over the phone, or at the store)

    The most important thing is that you will have to provide your RV’s pink slip or title to the lender.

    Another thing is that they will perform a quick credit check on you however, that does not matter because it is just part of the procedure because they can lend money even to those who have a bad credit score.

    You will have to provide your proof of income (bank statements would do it). They require this because it helps them to make sure that you will be able to keep up with the loan payments.

    You need to provide a utility bill in your name, which comes to your house this will help in confirming your house address. (A mail can also do it)

    The company also needs to inspect your RV, and they can give you the approval or disapproval in a matter of minutes.

    Providing the photos of your RV is optional. The pictures should show the front, back, and side of the RV.

    At least five personal references who can give your guarantee.

Some benefits

The following are the benefits of the RV title loans:

    The process of applying for these loans is speedy and stress-free. (online,phone,store)

    The approval or disapproval of your application is very fast unlike the bank loans, which takes many weeks to process your application.

    Upon approval and after signing to the terms and conditions you can get cash in your hand within minutes.

    The customer service representative of most of the RV title loan companies is 24/7 available to help you in clearing your doubts.

    The company will sit and talk with you to make a payment plan, which is beneficial for both you and the company.


Just like other title loans in RV title loans, you place your RV as the collateral in case you fail to clear the loan payment.