Improved Customer Experience With Cloud


Cloud is certainly improving the structure of services. Every end user is these days equipped with handheld devices of various kinds. Accordingly, the services have to get a garb of ubiquity to be wherever the customers look for them. Also, a bundle of services lapped over in a single purchase leaves the customer elated. Cloud technology offers delightful solutions like xendesktop for giving world class, cutting edge services to the customers. Now you find websites with chat windows, shopping cart, discussion forums and also loaded with live tours to the showrooms, etc. All these features are just the tip of the iceberg called cloud technology. The better the functionalities are, more enriched will be the end results; cloud does the job of enriching the operational aspects, thereby reducing the turnaround time of the orders received.

A Complete Package of Convenience for Air Travelers

Let’s take example of use of cloud in airlines. Right from booking i.e. finding availability of the flight to the hassle-free travel, customers need assistance in every step. They love to keep themselves informed at each and every step and those service providers who have single window system for all services are sure to win more patronage. Thus, airline services make use of a variety of features such as intimation through SMS, online booking, flight status intimation and of course, a discussion forum where their customers can leave comments. Cloud based SharePoint Online has helped developers build all these customer-intensive utilities.

The use of cloud in airline services offers easy publicity tool to the service providers and it helps in enhancing the customer engagement which certainly acts as a catalyst to better client-service provider relationship.

Cloud is the New Factor responsible for Faster Results

The fastest is the fittest for the survival in the present times. A person feeling boggled up by the thought of calling hotline for information is certainly not going to be your loyal customer. Businesses need to have a crystal clear, crisp and very easily accessible information providing set-up for their customers. Cloud uses the advantage of fast servers based in data centers and it certainly helps them in a number of ways to make their position stronger than the competitors. Statistically speaking, 5% increase in customer engagement can translate into 40% to 80% increase in profits. Thus, websites need to be more crisp and authentic as well as coming straight from an expert if the business holders want to resign the digital world.

Clouds Promote Development Activities

Clouds are making it possible to bring ideas way faster into reality than before. Now, the specialists are free from the mundane jobs as all the maintenance and regular updation works are handed over to that does the jobs automatically. So, experts now can keep themselves free for newer developments and come up with more sophisticated solutions. Clouds also ensure that there are no mundane costs hovering over the minds of business owners all the time. Like, employees do not invest their expertise in creating electricity or maintaining furniture; similarly, they are not to be boggled by the IT issues any more. Data centers do the maintenance of IT infrastructure for the company and make the developers more ‘available’ for producing better quality of products and services.

Make Promotion Campaigns More Effective

Promotion campaigns can be made more kickass with Office 365 plans that offer affordable cloud solutions. Clouds are being used for carrying out market research; database maintenance as well as customer profiling is becoming more and more specific. Result – the message is reaching the correct audience in shorter time span. Thus, the face of the marketing and promotion has changed for better and the results are crisper, more effective as well as more yielding. Online community is the new fad that is easy, more streamlined and result-oriented and helps the marketers find and reach the target audience more easily.

The finest example of customer engagement is online community where real users are interacting with each other to help themselves. Companies are seeing drastic reduction in the number of tickets generated as the users are interacting among themselves and getting their problems solved. In the process, the product or service is garnering adequate attention!