How To Select A Microwave Oven – 6 Tips


Microwaves and grills have become the centre pieces in modern kitchens. These machines can not only be used to heat up food but also to cook various varieties of dishes in a very quick and convenient manner. One can use them to fry, bake and roast and also to boil, enabling all sorts of cooking functions and helping in cooking all types of dishes. Here are a few tips on how to select the perfect microwave for the house.

  1. Determine the Power of the Oven

The microwave ovens these days come in various capacities. But the larger machines use a higher wattage and therefore can lead to higher electricity bills. But it also means faster cooking and at times and also that one can cook a higher quantity at a time. Thus one needs to determine the power usage based on the needs.

  1. Decide where to keep it

Microwaves need to be kept in an area that can easily let the heat out. This means away from the walls and the confined spaces. This kind of a space restriction also determines the size of the oven that one can use. Thus one should be buying the microwave after deciding where one would place it.

  1. Features and Other Options

The latest models are equipped with a host of features. However these features come at a price and can also result in higher electricity usage. One might not need all these features and therefore one does not need to spend the money to get them. A careful understanding of these features will help in buying the right oven.

  1. Variable Power Settings

A lot of ovens have variable power settings that can help in reducing the electricity bills. One does not need the full power usage at all times, and thus one can use the settings in these latest models to run the oven at fifty percent capacity.

  1. Ovens with Programmable Cooking Options

Programmable options mean that the person can select a pre-programmed cooking option, place the ingredient in the oven and then simply forget about it. Once the dish is ready the oven will sound an alarm. This also means that one does not have to waste time to study and then program the oven. A lot of ovens these days come with hundreds of pre-programmed cooking options for various dishes. There are also the user manuals that can help in using these options.

  1. Oven with a Rotating Turntable

An oven with a rotating turntable means that the food is cooked from all sides. This means even cooking and one does not have to worry about uncooked food or changing the position of the cooking utensil every now and then.

Of course with all the ovens the cooking utensils come as standard accessories. These cooking utensils can be used to cook a variety of dishes and one does not need to buy the pans and the bowls that can be used in ovens separately.