How To Run A Successful Email Marketing Campaign


As the proprietor of a business, whether large or small, it is almost a foregone conclusion in this day and age that you will have a website. This is due to the fact that more and more of the population are choosing to conduct a large proportion of transactions online as technology becomes more affordable and accessible for the masses. As your website is likely to be one of the major tools at your disposal, it is important to take full advantage of this phenomenon by drawing as much traffic as possible and then converting it into concrete sales of your products or services.

Social media can be a really useful way to draw people to your site. According to the BBC, Facebook had over a billion users each month across the globe in 2012. Sites like Facebook can generate a great deal of interest in your company and be a useful way to get your brand known. But for the maximum return on your investment, more is needed.

Using Email Marketing

According to the Telegraph, email marketing can be an incredibly effective advertising tool, as long as it is done properly. No business wants to gain a reputation for sending out huge numbers of spam emails, so one of the keys to success is to make sure that your communications are targeted and going out to people who will actually be interested in receiving them. Make use of the data gathered when customers register their details on your website to include a personalised greeting when you send out your email newsletter. Obviously, the customer needs to have signed up for this and agreed to receive such marketing messages.

The advance of technology means that it is now possible to tailor the contents of your email to the consumer’s previous browsing and purchasing history. It makes sense that this approach will yield far greater results than simply sending out a generic email with no personal touches.

A word of caution, however: be careful not to swamp customers with too many communications, as this can annoy people and lead to them switching off from your message. The best approach is to send emails less frequently but make each one count.

Bringing in Outside Expertise

Of course, not all business owners will be technologically savvy, and you may not feel that you have the required skills to run your own email marketing campaign. Alternatively, you may have so many other demands on your time when running your own company that you simply do not have the necessary hours to spare. If this is the case, you may prefer to outsource this job to a company such as Aardvark Creative, who specialize in website design in Bristol.

Whether you run your own advertising campaign or you leave it to the professionals due to a lack of expertise or time, your company is sure to reap the benefits. Email marketing is effective and economical, and an increase in volumes of traffic can only lead to an increase in sales.