How to Learn Creativity By Watching Films?


Creativity is a constructive form of your imagination. When you imagine something, you may consider whether you can materialize it. Creativity isn’t always the same with having plenty of ideas, but about making something unique and interesting into fruition. When your creativity is stifled, you will suffer consequences. When your creativity disappears, your self-esteem may also diminish. This can happen when you envy the creative success of others, while feeling that your life is small and boring. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can do to improve your creativity. It’s like tapping a perennial fountain of creativity to make you a much more productive individual. Fortunately, films can make you much more creative, if you approach it in the right way.

Characters in films are diverse and they often share a single characteristic, which is their willingness to achieve something. These characters, regardless of whether they are protagonists or villains have some goals. They often need to be creative to achieve something and we are often surprised how these characters could come up with certain ideas to achieve goals. This can be found in many films. Start analyzing films that you watch. As an example, you should know what creative elements that main characters have to achieve their goals. Also observe how the environment in the film responds or be affected by the creativity of the character. What forces in the film that causes these characters to act creatively. These forces could be internal or external, depending on the situation and storyline.

Check what obstacles that these characters need to face to maintain their creativity. Find out how the story affects you and what lessons that you can learn. A good story should give you energy and you are able to hold your interest. Creativity gives you freedom to make mistake and it’s often about a trial and error situation. You may observe a similar situation in film, with characters need to tackle a variety of things to ensure that their goals can be achieved. You will learn that creativity can be achieved by generating new discoveries, solving problems, stretching your imagination and challenging your thoughts. By being creative, you can increase your self-acceptance and self-confidence. With this kind of characteristics in mind, you can go ahead and start to explore all of your creative habits.

Make a list of three most creative people in a film. Learn about their creative habits and how they maintain their creativity throughout the film. Ask to yourself, whether you can also maintain creative habit the same way. It is a good thing to watch a film with friend with the goal to learn about creative aspects in the storyline. Discuss with friends about what they think. It is possible that you get new insights and friends may have a different perspective about the film. This will give you a well-rounded view about the film. When you do this, watching a film isn’t only about getting entertainment, but also learning positive aspects from it.