How To Improve Your Discipline and Determination In Minutes

How To Improve Your Discipline and Determination In Minutes  


You have set a new target and you are sure to have a sufficient self-control to achieve it? Here is a simple but highly effective method to focus on its objectives and increase its determination. Whether improve your diet, get your business or learn a new language this tip will allow you to arrive more easily achieve your goals.

It is true that when you set a goal it is easy to find 15,000 reasons not realize it. One may be trying to make simple things like going on his Facebook account, which will have the opposite effect to keep you away from your goal.

For example, if you want to improve your lifestyle you need to do two things. Improve your diet and do sports. But it is very easy not to go out to his workout because it’s raining or we have too much work. Ditto for your regiment, nothing easier than to eat the whole bag of cookies that you have hidden in the wardrobe…

The goal is to be able to resist these impulses which can have daily rather than seeking ease. There is no magic formula to increase his determination but some methods can help you get there.

But what is this famous technique to achieve this? First of all, sit in a quiet place, ask yourself comfortable, close your eyes, breathe deeply and gently blow continuously for at least one minute by HIGH 5-6 breathing, or 10 seconds per breaths.

This method may seem every beast will allow you to increase your “self-control”, to refocus on yourself and thus give less importance to the impulses that you may have.

I use this technique myself when I have to make a presentation in public or when motivation drops during my disciplined entrepreneurship journey.

Here are 10 ways to stay motivated during difficult times:

Expect that a positive happens to you and you’ll get what you expect. If you want something good happens to you, this thing happen. Each day, you look in the mirror and you say “some good things will happen to me today !! “

Take control of the things you can and do not worry about the rest. You have to understand that some things are in your control and others not. Things never go perfectly but soon you will pass these things further and faster you will have success in your projects.

Listen to positive information. If you feed you positive news throughout the day, this will keep you motivated. Go to the library or on the internet and find a book that will give you this effect booster. You must be able to make the best of things to keep the motivation!

Surround yourself with positive people as often as possible .Overly negative people will fix your mind on the bad things and prevent you to focus on your goal. Avoid such people and do not even contact them speak because if you talk about your projects they will try to dissuade you to undertake and cut your motivation.

Learn from your mistakes rather than repeating them. We all make mistakes, the solution is to learn from those mistakes and keep moving! Do not hesitate to self-assess and find out how you could be next time. And keep on paper all that you have done positive!

Have a plan . There is a quote that says, “If your plan failed, is that your plane was missing.” If you take the time to make a plan to reach your goal, you will know it from beginning to end process to get there. Identify the three most important things to accomplish in the next three days and start with these points to motivate you.

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