How to Create A Flat Teacher Letter?

How to Create A Flat Teacher Letter?


If you are all set to make your applications for the job of teacher, you need to craft the best teachers letter of interest in order to stand out. Before we step into as to how to craft this letter, we need to know what is the letter of interest all about. Let’s learn it.

What is Teachers Letter of Interest?

It is similar to cover letter, as it explains why you are the best among the rest in terms of your background, goals and skills. Teaching is an important job and a personal field which requires you to make interaction with the students and encourage them to continue with learning. Thus, it makes it important to insert your personality’s aspects in the letter. A well-crafted letter of interest lets you to depict yourself to your potential employers or school heads in your own written words and this letter links your unique experiences to the teacher’s job requirements.

How to Write Teachers Letter of Interest?

While you are writing the letter of intent for a vacant teaching post, follow the below mentioned steps to include in the letter so that it can become gripping and help yourself in your selection for the interview and then later for the hiring.

  • Address the hiring manager or committee.
  • Start with your summary about yourself.
  • Outline your educational background.
  • Make highlights of your previous relevant experience.
  • Make description about your teaching style and values.
  • When you close it, do it with a polite and optimistic approach.

Who is a Flat Teacher?

Nowadays, the Flat Teachers are quite popular and this is because of the COVID-19 issue that the classes of the students and the kids are being held online. Teacher’s Bitmoji version is called Flat Teacher, that is quite in use these days and have started grabbing the attention of the students and the people as well. Teachers keep maligning their Bitmoji versions (called Flat Teachers) to their students and asking them to take the pictures of what they do together.

How to Write a Flat Teacher Letter?

  • Address your student by name.
  • Only use that language which is understandable by the kid.
  • Use a poetic style like poem or use simple sentences.
  • Describe to the students as how much you miss them.
  • You may insert minimum one activity or adventure to take their flat teacher on.

As majority of the kids is at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, early childhood educators find unique methods to make connection with their kids while they are separated. One of the creative ways found everywhere these days is flat teacher letters which some of the ECEs have been maligning to the kids as part of the Flat Teacher Project. Each of the letter is laced with activities to bring the cartoon teacher along. It is suggested that if you are writing your teachers letter of interest, do mention about your skills for flat teacher since it is the need in this pandemic situation of COVID-19.

How to Create a Flat Teacher Letter?

Before writing the flat teacher letter, you need to create a bitmoji for your flat teacher. After you are done with it, you may start the letter. With your bitmoji, the flat teacher letter will accompany. There are no specific rules to create this letter, so you just need to be as creative as you can. Let’s discuss some tips.

  • Address your student with the name.
  • Do use the language that your student can comprehend.
  • Do write in simple words and simple sentences.
  • Add instructions in your letter as to how you can share these adventures.

Note: After you have written the flat teacher letter, you need to place it in an envelope together with your Bitmoji and mail the letter to the student.

Flat Teacher Letter Format

Hello, (use student name here), how are you?

This is your teacher (your name), with some enticing news for you.

I do not remember just quite how it took place.

But when I woke and rose up today, I saw I got flattened!

I missed you a lot. Then I thought of you and then thought of something attractive.

I went to get an envelope and wrote a letter for you.

You may add more sentences to the letter to make it attractive for the student.

Note: To be stand out and to get selected for the interview for the vacant position of teacher, you should certainly mention about flat teacher and your ability to write a flat teacher letter to convince the employer. This will make your chances bright for the selection.

Tips for Writing a Convincing Teachers Letter of Interest

  • Show how passionate you are for this job of a teacher?
  • Add a list of keywords (such as adjectives) which show your passion.
  • Show your confidence.
  • Try to be honest in the letter.
  • Match yourself according to the requirements.
  • Write a letter in a manner that can ignite the reader’s interest.
  • Do use the hiring person’s name when start the letter or if you do not know, just mention the designation like ‘Dear Hiring Manager/Hiring Committee’.

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