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How To Choose The Right Moving Company


Are you searching for the right moving company to handle your moving task? Well, relocating is not easy if you do it on your own. Further, choosing a good moving company is again a complicated task. There are numerous factors that you have to look for, and before you hand over your belongings to any moving company, you need to take many things into consideration. Here are some effective tips that will help you and guide you in the right way.

  • Seek recommendations from your friends, colleagues and local real estate agents for a good moving company. You can also check the regional phone book to find the nearest movers in Baldwin Park and meet them in-person to check their service qualities.
  • Once you shortlist a few good moving companies, visit their online website to go their background check and customer feedback for an initial screening.
  • Make sure you get moving quote from three to four companies. The quote must be a written document and should not unreasonably exceed your budget.
  • When an estimator visits your home before releasing the quote, be sure to introduce all your moving needs. Show them everything! Let them know the conditions of your new location, like stairs, elevators, and distance involved.
  • When you get the estimate document in hand, check it for words “written binding estimate” on the top of it. Read it carefully and thoroughly to ensure that it accommodates all your needs and doesn’t have hidden costs. Don’t afraid to make all your doubts clear before finalizing the deal.
  • Once you have got estimates from all shortlisted movers in Baldwin Park, compare all bids thoughtfully. Call and ask anything that seems obscure. If you find a reasonable bid from a reputed company, don’t afraid to negotiate to get the best possible moving rate.
  • Important! Check if the moving company you are going to select is licensed and insured. Only a licensed mover can offer you professional and smooth moving assistance, be it a commercial or residential relocation.
  • Once you start feeling confident about any company, you can talk to them and confirm the dates and details of the move. Get a signed order for the moving services for security purposes.
  • A licensed moving company is always liable for the safety of your possessions. They offer a genuine insurance coverage to compensate, in the case of loss or damage of your items on the go.
  • Another important thing is, never accept guaranteed quote. Even the most reputed and successful companies don’t use the word “guarantee.”

How To Choose The Right Moving Company

You can also ask them some relevant questions such as ask about their past service record, where they are located and how you can reach them, are they willing to put every commitment into writing. Asking these questions will let you come to know whether you can hire them or not.