How To Buy Solitaire Rings?


A solitaire ring is the classic engagement ring. It is the iconic symbol of love and commitment. Simple, yet striking, a solitaire diamond ring sits beautifully on the hand of the wearer reminding her of the love of her life. But this is not all about diamond solitaire rings. They make the perfect accessories for women who want to look simple and elegant. Solitaire rings Dubai feature a single diamond. There are no smaller embellishments or distractions. The single stone is the focus and indeed the star of the ring.

Here are some tips to help you buy the perfect solitaire ring for engagement or any other occasion.

The stone is the most important part of the solitaire ring. Stones for solitaire rings come in several shapes, sizes, and types. When buying solitaire ring, you must first determine the type of stone that you want and then choose the cut and shape of the stone. Though diamond is the most popularly used stone in solitaire rings, precious and semi-precious stones are also used. Sapphire, Ruby, emerald, and Tanzanite are commonly used for solitaire rings. If you are buying a diamond solitaire ring, make sure that the diamond is flawless since there is only one diamond in the ring. Consider the four Cs when choosing the diamond for your solitaire ring.

The stone can be cut to different shapes. The round shape is the most popular option for solitaire rings. Stones cut in oval, emerald, pear, and marquise shape make the stone appear larger than what it is actually. A heart shapes stone looks interesting and distracts the admirer from focussing on the size of the stone. Square cut diamonds and stones follow the lines of the stone, and result in clearer and brilliant appearance.

How To Buy Solitaire Rings?

Once you have selected the stone type and shape, it is time to choose the stone setting. The setting is important since this is what makes the stone stand out. It is advisable to choose the setting depending on the shape of the stone. Prone setting is the most popular setting for solitaire rings Dubai. It has four metal prongs that attach on the corners of the stone to hold it in place. Another popular setting is the bezel setting. It features a metal collar that surrounds the stone. This type of setting offers better protection to the stone since it holds the stone lower inside the band unlike the prone setting that holds the stone above the rest of the band.

Choose the ring that best matches your personality and style and also the occasion. Take pride in owning this piece of priceless jewellery.