Heat Strikes Again…


Summer has just started and it is expected that in coming week the temperature will start rising too. The director of Karachi health office has handed out an alert to the hospitals for the heat wave because it is being believed that this year the situation will be much likely to be similar to the one in 2015. Knowledge in advance always helps ones to be prepared for the upcoming. A severe heat wave struck in Karachi in 2015 with temperature as high as 49 degree Celsius. It is really heart wrenching to the state the figure of deaths happened back then. The heat stroke affected the zoo animals and countless agriculture livestock as well.

The escalating temperatures and climate changes are certainly not in our hands but we all should make an effort to make our loved ones or ourselves safe. Since the heat stroke in Karachi in 2015 claimed hundreds of lives, especially the elderly and the children, therefore we must take precautions beforehand to avoid any predicament this summer.

The alert generated by the director reads, “We are expecting the same situation this year. Keeping the previous experience in mind, we have to prepare ourselves before time [to combat this].”

This notice has been issued to the various hospitals in Karachi i-e Jinnah post graduate Medical centre and Medical superintendents of Civil Hospital and general hospitals in Korangi, saudabad and liaqatabad, Qatar hospital in Orangi Town, Ibrahim Hyderi, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and Children Hospital North Nazimabad amongst others.

The notice issued to the hospitals instructed the management to look into the matter in detail and be prepared to handle any kind of emergency. They are also directed to launch stabilization hubs, efficient on-time heat stroke treatment, delegate medical and paramedical staffs, earmark separate beds, arrange indispensable medicine and most importantly they have asked for a heatstroke crisis management plan within 24 hours for onward submission to the concerned quarters on time. The alarming news is that the heat wave gripping Sindh is expected to spread to other parts of country anytime soon.

According to the news the Mayor the Karachi too seems to be concerned about the heat wave alert and discussed the matter and briefed the members in the meeting held on Monday to sternly observe past SOPs as well as make all the imaginable efforts to save precious lives during the heat wave in the city.

It is equally important for us to be aware of the fact and inform others how they can battle the heat this time around. First thing which is extremely vital is to stay hydrated-drink a lot of water because liquid intake helps a lot in hot weather. Water intake will replace the moisture you lose while you sweat/perspire thus drinking tons of water is the key. It is the most affordable and doable tip to beat the heat.

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