Ups And Downs: Owning A Motorcycle And Everything You Need To Know About


Motorcycles are ideal for outgoing people, always on the move, and people who always have the need for speed. Bikes are perfect for them because they are affordable, easy to maintain, and they can go fast. The thrill of the ride brings a rush that some people find addictive.

Aside from the speed that bikes bring, its maneuverability on tight roads and ways are quite impressive. For an experienced driver on a motorcycle, a one hour ride can be over in just 15-30 minutes. Most bikes also look good with their stock parts. This fact means that there are fewer expenses when it comes to the aesthetics of the motorcycle.

As with a lot of advantages, bikes also have disadvantages. Because bikes are compact and small, they tend to become more vulnerable to accidents when encountering much larger vehicles. The speed they bring also becomes a disadvantage because, at high speed, a driver can easily lose control and crash. High speeds also increase the chances of sustaining severe injuries from an accident.

Another drawback with motorcycles is that they tend to attract young and impulsive people. Due to the ease of getting one, irresponsible youths ride carelessly and often cause accidents. A 2013 motorcycle accident accurately describes a tragic example of this. In Cumming, Georgia, a young 19 years old male, tragically died because he crashed into a truck without seeing it. Cumming motorcycle accidents are not entirely rare, but they are rather uncommon, as this accident was only the second to occur in the area.

In the event of an accident, people should have an idea on what to do. Here are some tips to remember should a situation like the one mentioned above arises.

  • Assess the area of the accident before helping. Watch out for any hazards that may be harmful to you.
  • Determine the injuries of the victim. If severe injuries are present, it’s best not to move a victim hastily.
  • Stop any bleeding by applying pressure.
  • Call emergency medical services promptly.


Owning a motorcycle is a joy for some people. The adrenaline rush, the fresh air, and the speed are the selling points for people to own a bike. It’s worth knowing that, motorcycles do have advantages as well as disadvantages. Always be mindful of road rules. If accidents do occur, it is also a good idea to remember the steps mentioned above.