Give Your Shop A Complete Makeover With The Latest Range Of Commercial Door Hardware

Give Your Shop A Complete Makeover With The Latest Range Of Commercial Door Hardware


Building a new home requires a considerable amount of planning. Hardware accessories are some of the most common materials which are used in building construction. In case you are thinking about remodeling your shop, then you need to very selelctive when it comes to buying accessories for your doors and windows. A door can play a major role in altering the look of your home and making it appealing for passers by. The color, accessories and quality of wood are some of the mjor factors which you need to keep in mind. There is a wide variety of commercial door hardware for you to opt ftom such as hinges, stoppers and lathes. Special attention needs to be paid to the design, shape and size of these accessories.

Qualty and durabilty are two important factors which you cannot afford to ignore during the planning phase. Architectural door hardware is in high demand these days, becuase of its stylish look, dimensional accuracy as well as easy to install. Moreover, it makes the door easy and kick proof. It would be wise on your part to go for steel or fibreglass core. This will make your door more sturdy and enhance its durability, helping it withstand the test of time.

Special attention needs to be paid to the locking system. You need to figure out the exact size of doorknob which your door needs to have. Also make it a point to check the door’s thickmess along with the bore hole size. The thickness of doors tend to vary. Nornally, exterior doors have a thickness of 1 3/4”. So, in order to have a clear idea about the exact thickness of your door, you need to consult the hardware accessories supplier.

When it comes to security, go for deadbolts. They are available in both single cylinder as well as double cylinder versions. They are the perfect option for glass doors as they will prevent an intruder from unlocking the door even if he manages to break the glass. Howver, it would be a wise decision for you to use this locking sytem in interior doors. This is becuase in case you face an emergency, you will need to find a key before moving out of your shop.

A single cylinder deadbolt would be sufficient if you have a single door. It will lock the key from outside. The door can be locked or unlocked just by turning the thumb from inside. Last but not the least, you will need to have a clear idea about door handling before you order lever handles. Door handling refers to the exact direcrion in which the door swings. Improper door handling can lead to levers pointing to the wrong direction, or locks on the wrong side of the door.

Door hardware don’t need too much of care and attention. All that you need to apply to clean your door is water and soap. Use of chemicals should be avoided in most cases as hardware cleaned with them are not covered by manufacturer’s warranty.