Getting Rid Of A Gum Problem


Chewing gum is a thick and sticky substance, and if it is left on surfaces it becomes extremely difficult to remove. There are many people who suffer from unsuccessful chewing gum disposal such as businesses open to the public and citizens when people drop their chewing gum on the streets. There are few ways chewing gum can be removed successfully without putting in too much time and effort, and if there are numerous pieces and areas which need cleaning it isn’t possibly to do by hand. Due to the tough cleaning needs of today’s environment, machines such as those available from Go Gum Limited have been designed to do the job for us and keep our streets clean and tidy.

The gum-grafter is a chewing gum removal machine which uses a steam cleaning process to remove unwanted substances. Incorporating a steam boiler and made from durable stainless steel, it is ideally suitable for large areas of chewing gum removal. The steam is combined with a cleaning agent which is environmentally friendly, and with the steam being around 170 degrees, it removes the gum quickly and effectively. The gum-grafter is ideal for cleaning street surfaces such as tarmac, concrete and block paving, however it can also be unmounted and used to clean internal surfaces such as carpets and work surfaces which may be useful to businesses.


For many people it is far easier to hire a professional to get rid of their chewing gum problems for them. In this case, why not hire a street cleansing team? The go-gum street cleansing team operate regionally throughout the UK and provide a number of chewing gum removal services. Their pavement cleansing uses surface cleansing technology to not only remove chewing gum but also effectively clean pedestrian areas, car parks, playgrounds, pavements and many more.

Whether you choose to invest in or hire a machine or hire a team of professionals to do the job for you, transform your chewing gum ridden areas into welcoming public spaces today.