FRP Stair Nosing- A Unit That Assure Safety In Staircases

FRP Stair Nosing- A Unit That Assure Safety In Staircases


Certain people still wonder regarding the need of fixing nosing units specifically in the trade belts as well as the residences. They tend to remain doubtful regarding the efficacy of such thin strips. The nosing units for stairs confirm safety in workplaces and also enhance the total outlook of that specific area. If you are still doubtful regarding these units and looking for further fruitful reasons to fix these tools, always consider keeping the upcoming facts in mind.

In recent days, it is difficult to find a stair system in the industries without these beneficial nosing solutions. Apart from the industries, the commercial sectors also make use of the units widely. These single inch strap fixed on the stair edge is enough to guard a person against falls. These units confirm to provide proper grip and contain certain useful properties that motivate an individual to rely on stair nosing.

Materials Used:

Multiple products are applied for the creation of these materials. Some of those materials are indeed the conventional ones including stainless steel, wood, and many others. But the one that has made the difference among the multiple materials is FRP, also referred by many as fibreglass. FRP is thought by many as the composite material offering the customers with the plethora of advantages. In spite of being the most supreme plus functional one, FRP is inexpensive.

Highlighting Features of FRP


This is among the prominent qualities of FRP and thus, the nosing systems created with fibreglass are widely accepted. The robust property makes FRP nosing the supreme choice for industrial sectors because foot traffic is comparatively higher at these zone. Robustness guarantees one with fewer possibilities of damages.


Another quality of FRP nosing lies in the fact that the product weighs quite less that further lets the majority of manufacturers save enough in transportation. Shipping various materials from a particular zone to other, in general, cost too much. This further enhances the exact cost of materials. But by procuring these light weighing composites, the charges of shipping gets reduced and the procedure becomes easier.

Besides these, stair nosing of FRP comprises some other features as well that benefits a person extremely. Some of the features include the capability of resisting certain agents that might deteriorate the plus points of the material. Well, along with FRP stair nosing, Fibreglass ladders are also among the crucial FRP units in today’s period that guarantee safety and immense security.


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