5 Benefits Of Educational Apps For Children


Whilst the majority of us have welcomed smartphones and tablets into our lives, they have left many parents and teachers worrying about whether these devices are actually any good for children. We managed without them during our years of growing up, so do today’s pre-schoolers really need them in their lives?

Just like when TVs first came out, tablets and smartphones have been at the centre of a number of health scares but providing you limit your kid’s screen time and supervise their use of your devices, it’s not going to harm them at all. In fact, if you download a few educational apps, screen time can prove to be very beneficial to your children.

  1. Improve Core Skills

Educational apps can help children to strengthen the core skills that they will need to use in life. Some apps have been specifically designed to help children improve their logic and cognitive skills, whereas others are designed to improve their reading and linguistics.

  1. Learn from Anywhere

Another benefit of educational apps is that they allow your children to learn at any time from any place. As many of the educational apps are disguised as entertaining games, they’ll captivate the attention of your children for a good while and allow them to build their skills, without them even knowing it.

  1. Encourage Social Interaction

Encouraging your children to socialise with other children when they are young is really beneficial and that is something educational apps can help you with. Many educational apps are designed for two different users, so it’s a good way of encouraging your children to share and work together to solve problems and complete tasks.

  1. Help Children with their Schooling

Educational apps can also be used to help children remember and make use of the things they have learned at school. In fact, many pre-schools and infant schools are actually trialling tablets and pre-school teacher apps in the classroom and encouraging parents to download them at home to help their children with their schooling.

  1. Make Learning Fun

One of the great things about educational apps is that they make learning fun. Teaching children that learning is fun at a young age, rather than just something they have to do, will help them to get in a good mind set for when they start school. By combining educational content with interactive games, child-friendly apps make learning a lot more appealing to children.

Educational Apps for Toddlers

There are a number of great educational apps for toddlers available including Intro to Colors, Doodle Critter Math and 123 Tracing but one of our current favourites and our best toddler app is Toddler Puzzle Woozzle.

5 Benefits Of Educational Apps For Children

This particular app for toddlers includes twenty four interactive wooden puzzles of recognisable objects like toy cars, food and animals. Once your child has selected the puzzle toddler game they want to do, it takes it a part and allows them to drag the pieces back into place.  During game play, the app plays soothing music and has an animated voiceover which encourages children to complete the toddler puzzle and congratulates them when they get it right.

If you’re looking for an educational toddler teacher app, which is also entertaining it will make a fantastic choice. Not only will your kids have hours of fun completing the puzzles but they’ll also be improving their problem solving, logic and cognitive skills, concentration, memory and linguistics skills at the same time. The toddler puzzle app is free to download on iPads, iPhones and Android devices and is sure to put a smile on your toddler’s face.