Finding Success and Peace In Working From Home

Finding Success and Peace In Working From Home


Telecommuting is becoming an increasingly popular career option for many people. If you have a career that allows you to work from home, it may be a tantalizing and overwhelming option. Here are a few tips that will help you be successful and stress free when working from home.

Make Space

Creating a place where you can work is incredibly important. Whether it be an office or a desk in your living room or bedroom, setting somewhere specific aside for work is will allow you to spread out documents, use your computer, and write without contaminating your living space with work. Wherever you decide to setup, it important to make this a personalized workstation meaning it should not mix with your kids, spouse, or roommate’s workspace.

Minimize Distractions

When you work from home, it can be easy to get distracted by little things like dirty dishes, laundry that needs folding, or even television. Make sure you minimize distractions before starting work by assuring you set aside other time for housework and relaxation. Knowing what time you will do your chores and when it is appropriate to relax will help you focus better during the work day. As tempting as it may be to take intermittent breaks throughout the day, try to keep the time you work structured similar to being in the office.

Invest in the Right Technology

Nothing can be more frustrating than having technical difficulties when you are trying to complete important work. Make sure you have top notch Internet, if you are constantly struggling with your current Internet service, look into something like FiOS which is often more reliable than regular cable Internet. It is also important to have a computer capable of video chat because you will most likely have meetings and conferences that you need to be present for. Finally, invest in a printer that functions as a scanner and fax, you never know when you will need to send or receive important documents.


It is important to have a network of people you can reach out to when you have questions or concerns while working from home. These could be people in the office or other telecommuters. Make sure you know how to reach them, whether it be through instant message, text, phone, or email. You should be able to rely on the people in your network to respond quickly.

Get Out of the House

On the days it feels completely impossible to work at home, don’t be afraid to set up your office elsewhere. Go to a public space that has free WIFI such as a coffee shop. If you want to stay home but need to clear your head, go for a short walk or drive around the neighborhood, allow yourself some time to take a break from work. When you do find yourself needing to get out of the house, make sure the space you chose will not distract you from the job that needs to be done.