Final Needs Planning With Professional Advice You Can Trust


Nobody likes talking about it (much less plan for it), but death is an inevitability of life. Running from it can only cause problems for your family when you do eventually pass, as they’ll be burdened with all of the administrative and financial decisions regarding your funeral. If you want to have a say in how your funeral is planned, while protecting your family from paying out of pocket for it, you need to meet with a professional final needs advisor.

Together, you and your final needs advisor will create a plan regarding your funeral. During several meetings, you’ll discuss your financial profile to see how much money you’ll need to put away each month to cover your funeral costs. For some, this could be as little as $5 a month. No matter what your payment plan is, your instalment will grow in a tax-free account that will only ever be made available upon your death. Sheltered by Canadian law, your final needs funds will accumulate untouched over time, and can’t be used to protect against bankruptcy or to cover tax penalties. It can never be used to pay for nursing home rates or other costs. Your rates will also never go up, and your payment schedule is predictable, making paying for your funeral an attainable goal. Your family will never have to pay for a funeral that they can’t afford.

During your meetings with an advisor, your profile will be documented so that he or she will understand what benefits your surviving family will require. Your advisor will be responsible for assembling all of the necessary papers to send off to various institutions and governments, in order to cancel licences and accounts and authorize veteran benefits and pensions to pay out to your family. All your family will have to worry about is a signature.

Unlike other insurance plans, a final needs plan does not require a medical examination, so you’ll never get turned away due to your health. A trusted final needs advisor will help anyone who hopes to put aside money for their eventual funeral. To find a compassionate advisor that you can entrust with your eventual funeral, contact the primary name in the pre-planning industry. The Elephas Group is made up of reliable and kind advisors who will facilitate your funeral to your exact specifications and cultural traditions. To see how you can schedule a consultation with one of their representatives today, visit the Elephas Group online.

You plan for the future every day of your life. Part of your planning should involve preparing for your funeral. This will ensure that you have the funeral that you deserve, while protecting your family from all of the financial and administrative responsibilities. Both you and your family will have fewer worries when you know that a professional final needs advisor has your back.