Essential Tools For Better Efficiency Of Workers In Industries


The industrial handheld tools play a very important role in maintaining precision, accuracy and efficiency of work in many industries. They are the best friends of any person working in a specific industry. It is due to the handheld tools, the workers are able to perform various tasks in the industries in a faster and efficient manner. Here are some of the industrial tools that are extensively used in the most of industries.

Welding Sets

Welding sets are used for creating strong and long lasting joints between two metal parts. The welding torch either uses gas or high voltage electricity to melt the metal that is to be filled between the two metal surfaces to be joined. There are many type of welding sets used in different industries such as arc welding, MIG welding, electric welding, etc.


Grinders are used for giving a metal surface a fine finish and a smooth texture by removing thin layer of metal for the surface of the final product. The hand grinders are also used for removing the small spatters that are formed on the metal surface during welding. Cylindrical grinders are the fixed one and used for making the final products smooth and shiny. The Angle grinders are the ones that are used for cutting metal rods, which cannot be taken to the cutters.


Bolting is an operation that is performed in almost every industry at a very frequent level. Proper bolting is necessary for both safety purpose and for better quality. In order to make sure that bolting is done efficiently, wrenches are used. Wrenches used in industries are, basically, classified into two types. One is impact wrenches and the other is the torque wrenches. The impact wrenches use a very heavy impact force on the fastener to loosen or tighten it. Specially designed high speed steel impact socket with titanium coating are used with impact wrenches as normal steel sockets would be easily deformed under the heavy force applied on them. Impact wrenches are noisy and are available in three types viz. electric, pneumatic and hydraulic impact wrenches.

The other type of wrench is the torque wrench. The torque wrenches apply a heavy force on the fastener to obtain a circular motion resulting in tightening or loosening of the fastener. The torque wrenches are very accurate as they are provided with a display where you can easily read the amount of torque applied to the fastener. In this way, you can stop applying force when the desired amount of force is reached, and hence, can avoid the over-tightening of fastener. The torque wrenches are also available in several variants such as simple torque wrench, pneumatic torque wrench and hydraulic torque wrench. For places where you want quite operations with very high precision, you can use hydraulic torque wrenches for better performance.

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