Erectile Dysfunction and Your Age: Is It Inevitable


When you think of men’s health problems, the first thing that comes to your mind is erectile weakness or impotence. Did you ever wonder as to why a vast number of men across the world suffer from it? What are the possible causes? A sexual disorder like erectile dysfunction can cause embarrassment but also leads to the rising divorce rates in the world. The problem is that men are too shy to speak openly to their doctor about the same. Because they feel, it is an offense to their manhood. But the truth is that aging does not confirm the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. Taking doctor’s prescription and buying ED medicines from the best online pharmacy becomes inevitable. Read further to know how ED is related to your age.

  • A brief about erectile dysfunction

When a man is unable to keep a firm erection while having sexual intercourse, he is said to have erectile dysfunction. Male sexual arousal though may look easy but it all depends on an accurate and complex sequence of events that take place inside the body. It should be noted that the human brain activates nerves in the penis to calm and relax the muscles in the spongy tissues all inside the length of the penis. After these muscles relax, blood flows in from arteries to fill the open spaces in the spongy tissue.  Increased blood pressure tends to expand the penis. Membranes around the spongy tissue sustain the erection. Anything interrupting this sequence can lead to the inability of having or keeping an erection long enough for sexual intercourse.

  • Is age responsible for ED?

Some people assume that erectile dysfunction occurs due to age. But, the truth is that ED has nothing much to do with age. Although the frequency of erectile dysfunction does increase with age, it can be treated regardless of your age and may not occur to everyone. You can buy erectile dysfunction pills online as per the recommendation of your doctor.

  • What are the medical and non-medical causes of ED?

ED can have many causes that are not associated with age.

  • Physical causes

Physical causes can disrupt the delicate sequence of physiological changes that lead to erection. Some of the causes are obesity, diabetes, low testosterone, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, sleep disorders, and enlarged prostate. The hormone testosterone can damage a person’s sex drive and energy levels, that are responsible for generating impulses to the brain. Diabetes can also damage the nerves that signal increased blood flow to the genital area. Also, any restriction of blood flow from heart disease and artery blockages would hamper an erection.

  • Other causes

The other common causes include alcohol consumption, use of tobacco, anxiety, depression, and prescribed medicines. Alcohol, tobacco, and some medications lead to ED. Alcohol can break down nerve communication, which can affect arousal signals and physical coordination. Tobacco can cause serious diseases that may further impair sexual function. A few other reasons are antihistamines, hormone therapy, calcium channel blockers, high blood pressure medications, and depression medications. You can check out the best online pharmacy to purchase medications that can treat erectile dysfunction due to other causes.

  • Treatment and lifestyle change

The best piece is that you can control most of the physical and emotional causes of ED we’ve reviewed here. You can attempt at losing weight, quit smoking, choose less stressful responses to work challenges, and try to improve your relationship with your sexual partner. Such strategies can lead to what works best for you.

Speak to your doctor to what are the physical or other causes of the ailment as well as how you can buy erectile dysfunction pills online.