Rishikesh - A Destination For Both The Spiritually Inclined and Adrenaline Junkies

Rishikesh – A Destination For Both The Spiritually Inclined and Adrenaline Junkies


Rishikesh is regarded as the birthplace of yoga, meditation and even ayurveda, although many people would have thought it was Kerala. The transport facility available where in the Rishikesh to Delhi taxi helps the visitors head back safely makes it an even more assuring journey. This small town has seen the mushrooming of yoga centres with the tourism of the town picking up and the town starting to see more and more visitors with each passing year.

The revolution of the yoga and meditation was further popularised by the British pop/rock band “The Beatles” when the group of four visited Rishikesh to stay in an ashram during the peak of their popularity when the world was still engulfed in ‘Beatlemania’. That sprung Rishikesh’s tourism scene from nothing to being one of the most sought tourist spot in India. Any tourist that came into India since then made it a point to visit Rishikesh. The surrounding of the town is such that these yoga centres that came up were set in the serene ambience of the Himalayas which made it attract even more people.

Rishikesh also lies very close to Haridwar, another important pilgrimage site of the Hindus where devotees from all over the world visit every year. A visit to Rishikesh and the nearby town of Haridwar will give you all the spiritual enlightening you will require or may have been seeking. A dip in the holy water of the ganges in the town Rishikesh is also considered highly powerful and is regarded as having great healing powers.

For the youngblood, Rishikesh is the best place there is for water rafting all over India. The town has endless bounds bounds of fun and thrilling adventure to offer to its visitors. Apart from the famous water rafting, Rishikesh also offers outdoor activities like hiking, camping, trekking, bungee jumping and so on. While activities like water rafting has age limits and a medical background check, activities like camping does not. It is open for anyone and the camp fires at night and being woken by the birds chirping in the morning will make you feel something straight outside a movie. Camping is fun, quiet and will definitely be a memorable experience to share with your family and loved ones while the rafting session is adrenaline pump where it goes on for several kilometres and you can choose your level of difficulty from the range of level 1 to 5 which will be thoroughly explained to you by the people in charge there. But keep in mind these activities are meant for ‘fun’ and to push yourself to the limit to win a medal or show off to the people standing there. Choose an appropriate level of difficulty and have the time of your life instead of getting hurt in the end.

Make sure you take loads of pictures during your trip. As you head back in your Rishikesh to Delhi taxi, you can look back at them and start forming the lines for your travel log.