Educate Your Kids with Scholar Advisor


The internet provides endless knowledge to everyone and can be especially helpful to students. There are many websites that assist students with their studies. An example of such a website is With the help of the students that design Scholar Advisor, all your child’s educational needs can be fulfilled on one website. On you will find numerous resources to help your child improve their academic knowledge. They offer online courses, essay writing services, educational tools, skill training and sample essays for students to improve their essay writing skills with. Scholar Advisor is designed to guide your kids and assist them in educating themselves.

Here is a list of services and other educational material you can use to educate your kids with:

Essay Writing Guides

Online guides are available to help your child with their essay writing skills. By reading the articles about how to write essays you will learn more about using the correct style, format and structure as well as information about proper editing, essay types, topics, and other useful essay writing tips.

Writing Tools

Underneath the ‘writing tools’ tab are useful links to websites that can help students improve their essay writing skills. You will find links to websites with essay checkers, spell checkers, grammar checkers, plagiarism checkers and other educational software.


The ‘software’ tab also contains additional links to websites that can help you simplify the essay writing process with citation software, currency converters, essay graders and calculators.

Essay writing services

The life of a student is hectic, with lots of work and many demanding courses, tests, essays and class attendance that take up lot of their time. It does happen sometimes that students just can’t finish a certain assignment in time. Teach your kids to be resourceful and do whatever it takes to hand in their work. If you had to choose between handing in a professionally written essay and handing in nothing, which would you choose? Customise your order and choose the type of writer you want and which level of expertise they should be on, ask for plagiarism reports for safety and receive a complete list of references. Hand in your top quality essay on time every time with Scholar Advisor.

Essay samples

The website has free samples of essays available. By looking at these sample essays you can get an idea of the quality services they provide. Students can also use these samples as a guide to writing their own essays.

Online courses

Studying online has never been as popular as it is now. With modern technology it is possible to do an entire degree solely online. Give your child the opportunity to do more, with the internet there are unlimited possibilities for your kids’ education and future.

Career Articles

Scholar Advisor’s help stretches much further than just their college years. Help your child get career advice by reading the articles on topics such as writing a resume and what to expect for their first interviews.

Study Help

Under the tab called ‘Studies’ you can find useful links to websites that could help your child with their studies. Follow the different links to access websites for tutoring and other useful online services.

Info and Essays for a Wide Variety of Topics

Scholar advisor has information and essays on several topics. Here are some of the subjects they can help your child with: Education, English literature, History, Creative writing, Science, Business, Economics, Religion, Technology, Psychology, Social Issues, Philosophy, Ethics, Sports, Movies, Music and much more.