Different Ways To Register A Business Name


Registration of business name is necessary as it is required under the law. The second reason for this is to protect your business name from being used by anyone else in the market. The entrepreneurs put vigorous efforts for progress of their concerns. But if the fruits of business are captured by some unscrupulous persons by using its name, it becomes necessary to get it registered under the law.

Following methods are suggested for registration of your business:

  • Doing Business As filing (DBA) – Known as Fictitious Business Name; this is the simplest method. We come across many local newspapers that carry lots of classified listings for Fictitious Business Names. The proprietorship concerns can adopt this easy method for registration of business name. It does not require creation of any formal entity like that of a corporation.
  • Official business structure – The state authorities usually register business names of business with LLC or corporation. The officials of the state ensure that no other concern runs his or her business with the same or similar name. This is the best method of registration that protects use of the name by others in the native state. It may be noted that business houses desirous of expanding their activities across the state or frontiers must take the brand protection to the next level, i.e. with a trademark.
  • Obtaining Trademark – Those intending to protect their name and brand in all states, they need to apply for a trademark. It is done with the USPTO, i.e. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or the relevant authorities in case of other countries. Business houses with registered trademarks are protected in better ways than those falling under the usual laws. The former are at more ease as far as recovery of their property is concerned, e.g. their company name is used by others as their Twitter handle. As such it is necessary that a thorough search is made to ensure that the proposed name of your trademark does not exist in favor of any other company.

Those going ahead with start of their business must ensure that they follow all legalities for using and protecting their business name. It is the name of your business that counts much and represents everything about your company. Those bestowed with the business name need not display a certificate of registration for the same. This has been facilitated under the introduction of legislation of 2012. But the business houses with their activities in places where they are open to public are still required to display their business names.

All entrepreneurs know what a business name stands for. As such a perfect business name is a must. However, one must see that everything goes smoothly as far as legalities for registration of business name are concerned. The business houses in the process of registering their business name may take assistance from the lawyers that deal in such matters. Moreover they are acquainted with the concerned officials in the government and other offices. The things move easily by making a nominal payment as the legal expenses and register a business here