Desgining Jobs are Creative Jobs

Designing Jobs Aren’t The Only Creative Jobs


Creativity is all about arts and artists. Painters, designers and writers are the most creative professionals around us. Ain’t this right? You would be nodding in affirmative. But let me correct you, you’re wrong. Creative jobs are not only for these few professional. Anyone can be creative, in whatever profession he/she is committed to. Even the engineers and scientists can be creative. What creativity means, is the first thing we have to know to start with this article:

Use of one’s own ideas or imagination to create something new, change something existing or complete their task is creativity.

Even if you’re a soldier, you can be creative. But for sure there’ll be some limitations to the creativity of a soldier’s job. And for that of a painter’s job, a designer’s job or a writer’s job, this limitation is extended beyond one’s reach. But no one can measure the creativity of anyone or any profession not the limitations can be measured. But being creative, is real hard job itself. You can’t remain creative all the time.

I just have said that designers are creative professionals. But when it comes to a designing job, their creativity will one day disappear. It isn’t likely that they’re no creative anymore, but it is the workload, discouragement, imposing one’s own ideas and all the other demotivating ideas that will put those in the designing jobs to stop acting creative. And for such professionals when creativity is dead, they start going down. So to always be fortunate, the element of creativity must never be let go.

Here I’ll share some ideas to keep improving your creativity and show the world that you’re still the best in what you do.

Pleasure in Isolation

It is said that creative people like their privacy. While this is true for creative individuals like painters, designers, writers, this is not very true for other creative persons. But best ideas are generated in privacy. And to be more specific, getting involved with the beauty of nature give more ideas. Find time for yourself. Explore yourself. Think about what you want to do. And when thinking, you’ll for sure get some ideas. Don’t forget to write them down. Introverts are best performers when they’ve their privacy. But even extroverts can do well if they make some small time alone for themselves.

So to be precise:

Find time for yourself, explore the real you and write the ideas and thoughts you’re getting.

Never Self-Doubt

The world will always be pushing you backwards. It is fine and you can’t escape from this. And it is never the element for anyone to stop being creative. But your creativity will for sure die, if you start doubting yourself. Never ever doubt yourself, no matter what the world says about you. I know there comes a time when a person is so weak that he/she just believe what other say about them. And then that person is just spending his/her days. No passion, no ideas and no path and hence no success. You don’t to be like this. Simple tip for you is to:

Always think big and positive. Be with positive minded people. Read motivational and inspirational stories. And in addition to this follow the above tip as well.

Follow the Flow

Although, it isn’t going to be easy when you’re on your jobs. But trying is worth it. Do the most when you’re full with energy and motivation. Web development jobs are boring, repetitive and brainstorming for many. And they think that web developers can’t spend more than 6 hours a day in coding. But I’ve seen some tough web developers who spend 15 hours on coding. It is the time they’re full with energy and they know that this is the best time to be productive and creative.

Like them, everywhere can work this. Whether you’re into designing jobs or engineering jobs, you can be that much productive. Artists like painters, designers and writers might experience a flow when they’re sitting all alone, with no interruptions. But like I said when one is on job, he/she has to be productive, no matter what. But what they can do to try to be more productive and creative is:

Listen to some soothing music. Take short breaks. Chitchat with a colleague. Take a short walk. Have a cup of tea or coffee. And offer prayers.

Few ideas I’ve shared. More you can generate yourself, once you start thinking straight.

I’ve seen many professionals in designing jobs in Pakistan to be complaining that their creativity is disturbed in these tough times. It is true that these tough times affects us all, but we need to make our way to deal with time like these. And for this I’ve shared some ideas to improve your creativity. So, fellows stop complaining and blaming. Think big and make your future shining like a star.