Creating New Resumes

Create Your Resume Like A Pro And Get Jobs In Pakistan


There is nothing new! Resumes are all about getting into jobs. Resumes are a tool to promote oneself. Make some efforts to impress the recruiters and get that dream job of yours.

There are many tips to creating new resumes. And you need to follow all the best ones to impress the recruiters. I have some tips to creating new resume as well. They were new to me but very effective and helpful. Here comes the four tips to creating new resumes for today:

Resumes are About the Recruiters Not You!

I have seen many tips describing to tailor your resumes according to the job. I never understood them completely, until now. When you’re creating a resume for a specific job, in a particular company, you need to make it look like as it was exclusively made for them. Get to know about that company. Start with the objectives/summary section. Don’t add content that is not relevant to that new job. Quantity is not what makes the recruiters impressed but the quality will. Make every section blend in with that recruiting company.

Achievements Weighs More Than Responsibilities

If you’re new to the job market, you won’t have any achievements. But still you can impress the reader. If there are any achievements in your education, do add them under a separate section naming ‘Key Achievements’. And once you got into a job, look for achievements. Set your goals, work hard and make achievements.

But if you’re already into the jobs market and you’re now applying for some higher position, add achievements if you got. Remember you have to impress the recruiter to get into that dream job.

Include Figures

If you’re into sales job, explain how much you exceeded your set targets. For example try this, “For the whole year I’ve been exceeding my sales target by 20%, every month.” This sounds better than if you had missed the ‘20%’ from the ‘Key Achievements’ section. Everyone wants to know whether they’re hiring a smart proactive worker or just expending on another salesperson.

Design Like a Professional

Designing a resume is somewhat like designing a website. Here are some tips, which you can also apply on website designing to make it attractive:

  • Content that is relevant and informative
  • Content with no spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Highlight the keywords
  • Keep the headlines bold and make them a bit larger than rest of the content
  • Add a professional picture of yours. Some say that a passport pictures aren’t very impressive. So get smart and add an impressive picture.

Bonus Tips to Creating New Resume

Proofread your resume. First read it yourself. Then ask some friend of yours. And then make some more efforts and ask some professional to help you with this. And if you still doubt yourself, make some investments to make your future shine like a star and hire some resume building company. Many jobs portals also offer resume building services to the job seekers.

Don’t be lazy, make your future and follow these tips to creating new resume and you’ll then never be complaining that there are not many Jobs in Pakistan.