Craze For Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Taking Over The Fans Prior To Release


As always, Samsung is back with its new member of note series. Yes! We are talking about our very own Samsung phablet Note 5, which is going to set new benchmarks in the tech world. These days tech market is full of rumors about the upcoming innovative technology, namely Samsung Note 5. Its last member Note 4 was launched just a couple of months back, not even made its place in all the retail shelves and this new phablet already seems like becoming favorite of tech geeks.

The craze created for the Samsung Note series has been magnificent. A new amazing, smart phone Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is about to be launched.

Here is the article that will show the detailed specification and features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Since it is still a rumor the below mentioned details may vary.


Screen size: Since there wasn’t much change in screen size for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and 4 it’s expected that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will have a screen size of 5.7-5.9 inches.

RAM: RAM of a smart phone is one of its important features as this is the memory where software resides. RAM of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is expected to be at least 4 GB or more.

Processor: Octa-core processor will be present.

Camera: The front camera is assumed to be of 22 MP and the secondary camera is assumed to be 8 MP.

Battery Life: 45000 mAh

Craze For Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Taking Over The Fans Prior To Release

Now the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is coming with features such as:

  • It will be waterproof.
  • A coring Gorilla glass will guard the screen.
  • There are also rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may have a YOUM flexible screen.
  • The RAM of the smart phone may be 4-5 GB.
  • Expandable memory up to 128 GB.
  • Octa processor will be included.
  • Connectivity 2G and 3G.
  • The body of the smart phone will be metallic i.e. of aluminum.
  • It is also assumed that it may be the lightest.
  • The video recording in full HD might be possible.

Release date is expected to be September 2015 in IFA, and the phablet might come with a price tag of $900 which is a little over the shelves considering the other competitor devices in the market. However this will not dishearten fans who start saving a few months prior to the release, this will not strain their pockets.

As the sales of galaxy s smartphone series crosses millions, and give a reason to worry for LG, Apple and likes of HTC, galaxy note series can add further fire to the ignition in smartphone market as these are in direct competition with iPad by Apple, however available at a much cheaper price. Hence cost affordable phablets with superb features – this is what defines the Samsung galaxy note series, and 5th generation Note 5 is bound to break all records in such a situation.