Comparison Between Past and Present Education System


There are six main comparisons illustrated by researchers about education in the past with the education today, as follows:

  1. Religious Education:

In the early ages, formal education used to include religious knowledge as well but today due to secularism, religion has become private matter and students have opportunity to learn their own religion in the way they want to learn. Due to religious education, gender segregation was mainly emphasized that women must only attend religious education, while men can attend other subjects as well.

  1. Education for All:

In the past, education was only encouraged for men, women were considered to be responsible for household activities. But today the scenario is completely different, men and women can equally avail the opportunities to learn at their best. Education is available for everyone; in fact, in few states, more women are graduates as compared to men.

  1. Subjects of Education:

It was first the Greeks and Romans who introduced the wide range of subjects in schools to make students well aware of different kind of subjects like history, poetry, grammar and many other tough subjects. But now these subjects are compulsory for all the students to learn, in fact, many other subjects are introduced such as computer sciences, English language, economics, etc.

  1. Comprehensive learning:

In the historical period, education was very comprehensive and they used to cover all aspects especially physical health and personal skills were very important to the teachers of the previous times. They wanted their students to learn spiritual and physical education. However, nowadays parents focus on making their kids professionals regardless of their personal interests and health, kids are being forced to study hard and are thriving to compete at global level.

  1. Methods of teaching and learning:

There are various old methods of learning are:

  • Memorizing the content
  • Reinforcement
  • Drilling
  • Debates
  • Tests
  • Reading

Many of these methods are still in use today, but revolution learning experience is remarkable.  Now the schools have high standards and administration order the specific set of learning benchmark, which students have to follow in order to gain textual competency.

  1. Technological Education

The major difference between the educations in the past with the education today is the use of technology. It was a difficult task to gain knowledge in the past but it is very easy to access and memorize knowledge today with the use of technology. Comprehensive and extensive learning was not easy before. People can educate themselves in any part of the world through their tablets, laptops, and mobiles. They don’t have to wait for a book for months to be delivered and then they read it. There are online reading books easily accessible in cheap rates. Even teachers are at ease to prepare lectures swiftly without hassle.

Author bio: The writer of this guest article is Reina Wayne.  She has studied English Literature at foreign university and she is an educationist and competent writer. She has written for and is a competent writer.