Commander One – A Fresh Approach On Compressing and Extracting Files


Most Mac users know how to create ZIP files or extract them, thanks to the archive utility integrated into OS X. However there are many more archive formats out there and at some point of time you are bound to receive a mail with a RAR attachment from a Windows user. When it happens you start searching for a way to at least view the attachment – you download an app or two, and expand the archive only to find out that they have some invalid permissions, and you start all over again. Ever been through that? Instead why don’t you just invest some time and effort into figuring out what archiving application works best for you?

If you want the app to be fast, efficient and reliable, have a look at Commander One – it might be exactly the Mac archive software that you are looking for. Apart from ZIP, the app works with 7Zip, TarGz, TBZ, TGZ, tar.lzma, tar.xz and RAR – you can extract and create archives in these formats. If you need to compress your data in a format other than the one you set as the default, choose ‘Compress’ command in the toolbar. Apart from allowing you to choose an archive format, it also enables setting a password protection and compression ratio. If you are happy with the default format, right-click on the file you need to compress and in the context menu displayed, choose ‘Compress’. But mind it – RAR compression is not supported at the moment, but the developers promise to get it rectified soon.

You do not even have to expand the folder to view files it has and search through its contents; the app also enables adding and removing files without extracting them. You might want to check out customizable settings, see what parameters work best for you – automating the process will certainly save you some time when you need it most. Commander One’s clean UI and easy-to-figure-out navigation allow you to make most of its functionality.

Commander One has more to offer – not only it enables you to work with archives, it also allows you to manage your files and folders in an easy and efficient way. As a file management solution it is often likened to popular Total Commander. Both apps have a dual-pane interface and offer similar functionality. Commander One is equally efficient at performing basic and advanced file operations and has minimal impact on your Mac’s performance thanks to its ability to queue operations and execute them sequentially. Copying files and folders, pasting them, etc. is easy when you open several tabs simultaneously, the app allows opening an infinite number of them. More advanced feature include FTP, SFTP, FTPS Client – transferring files between your Mac and a server could not be any quicker or safer.

There is a feature that allows mounting devices, Android & iOS, and Dropbox account on your Mac as if they were physical disks. The latest version of the app can do new things for you – access data stored on Amazon S3 and mount Google Drive accounts on your Mac. The number of the latter is practically unlimited and they appear as additional Mac drives. Apart from new functionality, Commander One is now even more reliable than ever – it has migrated to Swift 2.0, and more compatible with El Capitan, the latest addition to OS X family, thanks to a number of enhancements and fixes. And much more, Commander One’s functionality certainly needs to be checked out.


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