Capitalizing On The One-stop Shop Everblue RESNET HERS Rater Training


Do you have ambitions of becoming an energy auditing expert? Or maybe you want to become an energy rater in your city? If the answer is yes, it is highly likely that you have discovered the untapped opportunities in this professional field.

Energy efficiency is big throughout the world and in the country; homeowners and homebuyers are looking for energy audits and rating before making crucial decisions. For instance, a home buyer will be able to compare different properties based on their energy efficiency to make sure they make a cost-effective decision.

Home energy audits on the other hand are invaluable for property owners who want to make improvements that will enable them to save on energy bills. The report prepared by the energy inspector is crucial as it guides the contractors who will work on the property to ensure every aspect of energy saving is implemented.

The Complex RESNET HERS Rater Training

The question then becomes; how do you join this esoteric group of energy rating specialists? It starts with your certification by Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).  Through a rigorous training schedule and exams, you will be able to understand the required Home Energy Rating System (HERS) standards.

As a HERS Rater, you will be able to perform both Ratings and audits thus increasing your professional authority. To become a HERS Rater, you will have to undertake a 2-hour 50 question written exam.  You are required to attain 80% mark to qualify but after this, you will have to take five provisional ratings with a year.

Two of these must be overseen by a training provider and they will be included in your class ratings. Still, you will not have qualified to practice before carrying out three more ratings within one year. One of these will have to be supervised by a Quality Assurance Designee (QAD) recognized by RESNET. As a candidate, you also need to be affiliated with a quality assurance provider who will continuously review your work before certification.

Simplifying Things with Everblue RESNET HERS Rater Training

There is no denying that the rigorous training and certification program can turn you off, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With Everblue RESNET HERS Rater Training things are easier for you.  This is a one-stop-shop recognized by RESNET, where you will do your HERS training, take the tests, get your ratings under the supervision of qualified quality assurance inspectors, and continuously have your work reviewed for certification.

The fact that RESNET HERS Raters Index is recognized by myriad bodies makes it essential for you to get the certification, but then again it doesn’t have to be so tedious.  By integrating everything you need under the same roof, you are able to enjoy the convenience that other candidates will not.

The other outstanding aspect of Everblue RESNET HERS Rater Training is the availability of continuing education which is invaluable for HERS Raters. As a professional, you are required to keep your skills up to date through an 18-hour training program.

As a working HERS Rater, it might not be easy to get time to regularly take classes which makes a single course most ideal. This is what ENERGY STAR Version Three course by Everblue Training LLC allows you to achieve.

Have you been discouraged that the rigorous certification schedule might kill your dream career? Well, you are in luck because with a one-stop-shop package it becomes easier to learn, take exams, and become certified.