Can You Drink Softened Water (And Should You)?

Can You Drink Softened Water (And Should You)?


After a long day of working outside in the heat, you want nothing more than to come inside to some cool AC and sit on the couch with a cold glass of ice water. Trouble is, you remember that you got a water softening system installed yesterday. Is it safe for you to drink the water in your house now?

Well, don’t worry about that any longer! We’re here to put your fears to rest with this guide designed to answer the question “Can you drink softened water?”. Let’s start by looking at what softened water is in contrast to hard water.

Hard Water vs. Softened Water

When people talk about hard water, they’re referring to water that contains a high level of tough minerals. The most common offenders are magnesium and calcium.

When people drink this water, there is a chance they’ll introduce more of these minerals into their bloodstream than the body can handle. This leads to health conditions like hypermagnesemia (your body getting poisoned from too much magnesium) and damage to your central nervous system. For most people, however, hard water provides a small enough amount of minerals that will prove beneficial to their health.

Hard water will also wear away and stain tubs or showers, as well as dry out your hair and skin if you bathe in it.

To counter this, people developed water softeners. These devices use resin beads with opposite charges to magnesium and calcium to pull the ions towards them and trap them, extracting them out of the water. For most water softeners, sodium bicarbonate is then pushed back in to clear the beads so they can absorb more of the harmful minerals, leading to sodium getting into the water.

Some Of The Health Benefits Of Having Soft Water 

You must be thinking of why you should drink soft water?  Why should you install the software in your own house department?  And therefore here we will help you all to understand the health benefits of having soft water or installing soft water for your house. There are so many people around us who actually are using softened water and drinking it as well without knowing the health benefits of it.  Here actually we will help them all out to know all the hidden benefits of drinking soft water. Let us quickly discuss the health benefits of having softened water or drinking the soft water briefly.

Protect Your Home And Plumbing

If you are having this softened water in your house then it will protect your home and plumbing system as well. You will have to spend very little money on the maintenance of the softened water too. In addition sometimes just because of the hard water the plumbing pipes often damage for various reasons. However, if you install this softened water in your house then you will not have to worry about these types of things as well.

Clean More Efficiently

On the other side, you can clean this soft water more efficiently than the hard water as well.  Sometimes you may notice in your hard water that there is so much rust and damages your pipelines as well just because you don’t have much of the time to clean it properly.  However on the other side if you are installing this softened water in your house then it will require a very little effort of yours to clean and maintain as well.

Enjoy Softer Skin And Hair

If you will drink regularly the soften water for you and provide your whole family members then every one of your family will have softer skin and better hair as well. Softer skin and healthy hair is always a sign that indicates you are leading a healthy lifestyle as well.  Hence we will suggest you drink soft water regularly to bring the healthiest skin and hair for you easily.

Save A Little Money

Lastly, it says a lot of money of yours and even helps your environment to be a balanced homely atmosphere as well.

Can You Drink Softened Water?

Let’s start by clearing up a quick misconception: you will not die or experience ill side effects from drinking one glass of softened water. For the most part, softened water is safe to drink and even tastes the same as normal water. The trade-off comes with the high level of sodium that now resides within the water.

While this sodium doesn’t stain surfaces or dry out your skin, it does increase the sodium levels in your body a significant amount if you drink it for an extended period. While your body needs sodium to function, excess sodium leads to health problems. Our food (especially fast food) is already jampacked with sodium, making soft water the extra piece that exacerbates things.

As a result, drinking softened water side effects include high blood pressure and an increased chance of having a stroke. That said, people have developed template-assisted crystallization water softeners that do the job of standard sodium water softeners without leaking sodium into the water.

Drink Water With an Ease of Mind

And there you have it! Now that you know the answer to the question of “Can you drink softened water?”, you’re ready to sit back and sip a glass of water without worry! And if you found this article helpful, make sure to share it with your friends and family to spread the information!