Business Development Jobs - Easy Way to be a Business Developer

Business Development Jobs – Easy Way To Be A Business Developer


Business Development Executive, an authority in itself. As the name sounds, business development Executives or BDEs are there to develop and generate new businesses. Other responsibilities may vary but the core duty of the BDEs is to bring new business opportunities. To generate new businesses, business development Officers need to be good at marketing, have good knowledge of products or services, good with communication and have good skills in writing proposals and presentations. Business development officers must also have a good knowledge of business administrations, economics and finance.

How one can land into this field of business is a dream of many but to excel one has to follow certain rules and tips. Down below are some tips to get into the business development career:

Get Some Training

BBA and MBA is one of the major degree programs offered here in Pakistan to serve the candidates in becoming good at business development and land the job of their dreams. But not all the business development executives have these qualification. Then how one can get into this field without any prior related qualification or experience? It’s not that tough, do some research, assess where you lack and what skills and training you require. Some certificates and diplomas can also cater individuals in entering the field of business development.

Be a People’s Person

One of the basic needs to enter into this field is good in public dealing. You need to have good convincing powers, a smiling face, a humble person and the good you are with general knowledge the better it is to communicate with clients or potential clients.

You need to be a Team Player

A small-sized organization might require a single Business development manager, an executive or an officer but in medium to large size organizations, there will be a team to take charge of this department and its operations. So, there comes the need of a team player. It isn’t usually the job of an introvert person to take this job but an extrovert natured personnel are the ones best for the business development jobs.

Being part of a team, everyone needs to play along. If one falls behind, the rest must push him/her to get to the set goals. The business development managers must also act as a team player and lead the team so that no one feels demotivated.

Taking the Overload

In private organizations, usually, the working hours may extend longer than usual working hours and even can take up the weekends. So is the case with business development jobs. You may have to work on holidays and sacrifice your life a little, but no worries as this will for sure help you in your days to come.

Travelling is usually the most required thing to do when in a business development job. But in many IT based firms, this job may be performed by providing online services. These BDEs will be bidding online or sending out proposals to foreign or domestic clients and generating business using the help of web.

Be a Part of a Professional Association

Search the web and look around yourself, there could be some professional bodies helping people like you to land a perfect business development job and become the best business developer. Register yourself with an online or offline association. There you will gain the knowledge to valuable techniques and resources that will help you perform better in your business development career.

Increase Your Connections

Networking can help you get into the field of your dreams. There are number of ways to increase your connections. Job fairs are one of them. Attend job fairs and it will help you to get the business development job. Also connect with persons already into this field and increase your chances of getting into business development job.

Easy, isn’t it? Business development jobs are in high demand. Follow some basic tips and there you go. Some fields don’t need qualifications but skills, which can be achieved by following the above tips.