Best Safety Of Cable Terminals With Cable Termination Kits


Industrial electrical systems have a big responsibility of running an industrial plant smoothly and efficiently. For this reason, the components used in the electrical systems are very important. For best performance, you should choose only best quality electrical components for your industrial electrical system.

When looking for best electrical components and accessories, Compaq offers you the best quality accessories as well as components. One such component is the cable termination kits. The cable termination kits are used for protection of the cable terminals that are formed in any high voltage electrical system for redistribution of the electrical power supply to various points in the industry. These terminals can be easily damaged from the external factors such as dust, pollution, moisture and extra stress due to cable weight.

There are two types of cable termination kits offered by Compaq. One is the cold shrink terminations and the other is the heat shrinkable cable termination kits. The cold shrink termination kits are the factory expanded products made from very high quality polyolefin polymer and can be applied without the use of any special tools or equipment such as gas torch. Once you have placed the cable termination at the right place, all you need to do is just remove the plastic core and the termination will fit tightly and provide a tight seal around the terminal for best protection.

On the other hand, the heat shrinkable terminations are made from cross linking polymers with a shape memory encoded within the products. In this way, when there is an application of heat on the product, it easily takes its original shape. The heat is applied on the product using a gas torch. The cable termination kits are available for both single core and triple core cables hence are suitable for all types of industrial electrical system.

Technical Specifications

Text Description Requirement GTP Value
    12KV 24KV 36KV
A.C Voltage withstand test ( Dry ) 5 minutes at 4.5 U0 35KV 58KV 86KV
A.C Voltage Withstand test (Wet) 1 minutes at 4.5 U0 30KV 51KV 76KV
D.C Voltage Withstand test 15 minutes at 4 U0 48KV 96KV 144KV
Partial discharge test 10 Pc Max. at 1.73 U0 <5 Pc up to 12.7 KV <5 Pc up to  25 KV <5 Pc up to 33 KV
Impulse Voltage withstand test 10 impulse each polarity at 75KV 95KV 125KV 170KV
Thermal Short Circuit (Screen) Two short circuit &  no visible deterioration Even confirm to more straight condition
Thermal Short Circuit ( Conductor ) Two short circuit & no visible deterioration Even confirm to more straight condition
Dynamic Short Circuit One short circuit & no visible deterioration Even confirm to more straight condition
Humidity Test 300 hours at 1.25 U0 Passes
Salt Fog Test 100 hours at 1.25 U0 Passes


Compaq has such a high range of fine quality electrical accessories that it has become one of the premium suppliers and manufacturers of electrical components in India and overseas.